Thursday, 2 March 2017

Introducing Gluten Free Flavours from Schwartz

Last night I was treated to a truly outstanding supper in central London. But this was no ordinary meal, it was a totally gluten free meal. The supper was held to introduce a brand new gluten free product that is now on the market. The herbs and spices experts, Schwartz, have released their very own range of cooking sauces that are gluten free.

We all live in a busy world and it is not always possible to cook a delicious meal from scratch. As much as we would like to, life has a habit of getting in the way. Whether it is because a child has an after school club or work has dragged on, there is many a night when we want nothing more than convenience. If either you or a family member follows a gluten free diet you will know how hard this can be. When cooking meals from scratch it is easy as you know exactly what you are putting into the meal. However when you are buying in a pre prepared packet mix or a ready meal it is essential that you check exactly what has gone into the meal. This can be such a time consuming and frustrating task. This is where the new packet mixes from Schwartz come in. Schwartz has recognised that there is a gap in the market for these type of sauces and that it is something that the consumers want. Approximately 45% of the food consumer market buy gluten free products, 30% of which is purely down to a lifestyle choice. More and more people are choosing to follow a gluten free diet and finally there are some convenient, family friendly, full of flavour options.

Schwartz have just released their brand new Gluten Free range which is made up of three pour over sauces and five complete recipe mixes. This range has been in development for two years and they have worked extremely closely with both nutritionists and Coeliac UK to obtain the certification of the Crossed Grain symbol. Having this symbol on the mixes ensures you that the product, the manufacturing processes and production sites have undertaken stringent tests to ensure that there is no chance of gluten contamination. When you see the symbol on a product you can be confident in what you are eating.

  • Spaghetti Bolognese - A tasty mix of sweet tomato, garlic, fragrant basil and oregano for a classic Italian family favourite meal.
  • Fajitas - A spicy recipe mix with cumin, chillies and oregano. A true taste of Mexico!
  • Cottage Pie - A blend of flavourings with garlic, rosemary and aromatic thyme a true comforting meal
  • Chicken Casserole - The perfect mixture of sweet onion, garlic and sage, this is my ideal winter meal.
  • Chilli con Carne - A classic family favourite. This mix is full of chilli powder, cumin and cocoa powder to really give you a full of flavour chilli!
  • Beef Gravy - A tasty gravy mix with roast beef and onion flavours.
  • Peppercorn Sauce - A creamy sauce packed with cracked green peppercorns.
  • Cheese Sauce - A delicious cheese sauce made using Cheddar and Somerset cheese.
During the evening we were treated to a exquisite three course meal using their new mixes. We feasted on...


Mini Mac 'n' Cheese with Schwartz Gluten Free Cheese Sauce mix

Feasting Course

Chilli Chicken and Chorizo with Schwartz Gluten Free Chilli con Carne mix
Veggie Stuffed Peppers with Schwartz Spaghetti Bolognese mix
Veggie Fajitas with Schwartz Gluten Free Fajitas mix


Green Vegetables


Macaroons with a filling of Schwartz Curry Powder and Mango
Chocolate Truffles with a coating of Schwartz Cinnamon

As you can see, the food was stunning and believe me it tasted just as good as it looks. With regards to the main course I really could not identify one favourite dish, they were all delicious. The Chilli Chicken and Chorizo had the right amount of kick from the chilli that balanced perfectly with the garlic and paprika flavours coming from the chorizo. The peppercorn sauce that was over the steak was creamy and the punch of flavour from the peppercorns was sharp but just at the right level. Any meat lover would quite happily dig into the Veggie Stuffed Peppers. The bolognese sauce was the ideal sauce to complimented the mixture of vegetables and created an enticing vegetarian dish. If you like your food with a kick of chilli then the fajita mix is what you need. The mixture helps you to produce a meal that contains the true flavour of Mexico!

Naturally I had to try a bit of everything and was left feeling extremely full. What I loved about the meal was how flavoursome it all was. Gone are the days of bland, boring gluten free food. These mixes are bringing gluten free foods out of the dark and into a different realm. These are meals that you can make for the whole family, there is no need to make different dishes for different diets. If you are looking for a sauce that allows you to take healthy shortcuts that do not compromise on flavour you are going to love these sauces!

I am looking forward to trying the mixes but I am more excited about experimenting with them. Moving away from your typical recipe and demonstrating how truly versatile these mixes are!

Do you follow a gluten free diet? Which flavours are you looking forward to trying?

Enjoy x

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  1. Great write up, Kirsty! It was a fab event, wasn't it? And so lovely to see you again! Thanks for linking this up with #CookBlogShare :-) Eb x

  2. Oh wow YUM! These sound delicious!!!!! I am so on board!

  3. It was such a lovely night, wasn't it? It was so nice to see you and have a quick catch up. Loved the peppercorn sauce! xx

  4. Lovely write up Kirsty. It was such a fab evening and in such a beautiful venue too. Wishing I could remember what went in the cocktails!
    So lovely to meet you..... finally. Hopefully I will see you again soon x

  5. Lovely review Kirsty! It was so nice to meet you and some of the other bloggers I've only known online until now. I've just posted my review too including the chilli chicken recipe which I remade at home the next day! I'll share it with #CookBlogShare tomorrow x


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