Monday, 27 February 2017

Syn Free, Gluten Free Pancakes!

Tomorrow is pancake day and if you are watching your weight it can be a day of temptation. But if you want to enjoy pancakes without the guilt then I have the answer! Since making my Banana Pancakes last week I have been experimenting with eggs and yogurt and trying a range of different ingredients and I kept coming back to the most simple way of making a guilt free pancake. 3 simple ingredients, eggs, sweetener and flavoured essence. These pancakes are sweet omelette's and they are so delicious!

The beauty of these pancakes is that they can be made using a wide range of flavoured essence. So far my favourite has to be vanilla and salted caramel. To make them even healthier you can top them with yogurt and super healthy fruit.

This is what I did...

Syn Free, Gluten Free Pancakes

Ingredients - makes 2 pancakes

2 eggs
2 tsp sweetener
1 tsp flavoured essence
Spray oil


1 - Beat the eggs together, stir in the sweetener and the flavoured essence

2 - Heat a non stick frying pan over a medium to high heat

3 - Spray to pan with spray oil, I used Fry Light coconut oil and pour in half of the egg mixture

4 - After a couple of minutes you will notice that the sides of the pancake are are cooking, when this happens turn the pancake and cook for a further minute

5 - While you cook the remaining pancake place the one that is ready on a warm plate and cover with foil to keep warm

6 - Serve the pancakes with a variety of fruits and your favourite fat free yogurt

So far I have tried vanilla essence and salted caramel flavouring and both have been so good! These pancakes are not only healthy but they are so filling. I have been having these as a breakfast and are the perfect way to start the day and keep me going until lunch but they are good at any time of day. I will definitely be having them as a pancake dessert this pancake day!

If you make and eat more pancakes and you are following the Slimming World plan remember that each tablespoon of sweetener needs to be counted as a syn but it is still only 0.5 syns!

Enjoy x

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  1. These pancakes look so interesting, Kirsty, I would never think of not using any flour to make pancakes, but actually it makes sense not to and opt instead for a more protein based breakfast pancake. I bet they taste great with the fruit and the yogurt!

  2. Beautiful pancakes and a unique twist! Come over to the Blended Blog and link up this yumminess!!!

  3. Your pancakes look gorgeous, sweetie! It's crazy how creative we can get with pancakes (i.e. remove most of the ingredients that 'normal' pancakes have) and still end up with gorgeous, paper-thin pancakes. It was lovely to catch up yesterday xx


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