Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Saving Money on Foodie Days

Foodie days out are the perfect way to treat someone special in your life. Whether it is for valentine's, a birthday or just because you want to there are some fantastic deals out there to be had. Today I thought that I would share with you some of my top foodie experiences that are on my 'to do' list as well as some that I have already done!

Afternoon Tea

This is a classic English tradition that must be experienced by all. I was lucky enough to experience my first afternoon tea last year. I visited The Berkeley Hotel in London with the wonderful team from Carnival and dined on the exquisite Pret-a-Portea. We dined on sandwiches, cakes, scones and drank champagne! Before you book check out which hotels or cafes have any special offers running. A lot will have cheaper rates during the week!

Wine Tasting at a Vineyard

Tasting wine that has come fresh from the vineyard paired with a lovely meal sounds like an ideal day out for anyone who loves good wine and food! If this is something that you would also love I have found a fantastic offer thanks to My Favourite Voucher Codes (

Meal and a Show

If you are planning on a city break any time in the future then having a romantic meal before going to see a top show is a must. There are always offers on show tickets that are combined with a meal. You can also get some fantastic deals on show, meal and hotel room packages!

Visiting an Iconic Foodie Venue

Any foodie fan will have iconic venues on their to visit list. One of mine was to visit River Cottage HQ. Last year I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to visit and the hubby was extremely jealous! So I now have it on my to visit list again but next time as a family! If you cannot afford to do a day course you can still visit many of the venues over the year on special open days.

Spa Day and Lunch

Taking time out, relaxing, having some pamper time and some healthy food is another way that I would love to spend the day. We have enjoyed a spa day together as a couple and definitely need to do it more often! When you go as a couple it is often cheaper to buy a couples package than going alone, also weekdays are also a lot cheaper than weekends!

Family Time

Of course finding time to do many of these foodie treat when you are a parent can be extremely difficult! So why not combine your love of food with spending time as a family. Check for any vouchers before you decided where to go and go prepared to enjoy food, time as a family and saving money!

I hope that these have given you some great ideas for foodie treats. But the best bit of advice that I can give is to forward plan, planning in advance means that you can often save money and always check to see if there are any online deals to be had! If you get your offers from My Favourite Voucher Codes you will also be helping worthy charities!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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