Friday, 9 December 2016

Christmas with Warninks Advocaat

This time of year is certainly one for reminiscing. Remembering childhood Christmases, remembering loved ones and remembering Christmas traditions and passing them on to the next generation.

When Warninks Advocaat contacted me about our favourite Christmas moments my mind immediately drifted back to my teenage years, standing in my grandparents conservatory, behind their bar, taking orders and making snowballs. I loved the moment that the lemonade hits the Advocaat and froths up. No Christmas is complete without a trusty snowball. Before I tell you about some easy snowball recipes I thought that I would share with you our Christmas traditions and how they are being passed down from generation to generation.

Once December arrives all of our attention goes to Christmas. One tradition that we have started since the twins were two is going to buy a real Christmas tree. This was something that I had always wanted so when we decided that it was going to be a memory for our children to treasure I was excited. The whole experience of going out to select the tree, watching it get wrapped up in the net, trying to get it in the car to bringing it inside and decorating has become a much loved occasion. Once the tree is ready for decorating the Christmas music goes on and the kids get busy. Before, I used to be so particular about how the tree was decorated. But seeing how excited the children get when they are adding the decorations that they have made is so much more important. Gone are the days of colour coordination. They have now been replaced with sentimental ornaments. This year our tree is full of memories from baubles that were my grandparents to home made ornaments, from decorations that Santa has left in the children's stockings to keepsakes that the hubby has bought for me over the years.

For me when I think of what I love most about Christmas, it is not the presents but it is spending time with my family. It is when we spend quality time together without the usual daily interruptions of day to day life. I love creating the magical moments that the children are going to treasure for a lifetime. They will have fond memories of putting out a mince pie, carrot and drink for Santa and his reindeer's, coming down in the morning to find that he has been! The room is full of presents, their faces filled with a joy that only a child can feel but one that fill the hearts of parents. But also remembering those that we have sadly lost over the years, keeping them close in our hearts. As soon as the presents have been opened the attention focuses on food! Yes we all adore Christmas day food. From the indulgent breakfasts to the main meal of roasted turkey, vegetables, essential sprouts and roast potatoes and not forgetting the pudding! Sitting around the table telling each other our cracker jokes and wearing the silly paper hats. I remember as a child once the meal was over it was time to play our games, try out our new toys and watching Christmas movies while grandad sat in his chair falling asleep and snoring.

Christmas is such a special time of year and no Christmas would be complete without a snowball!

The two snowballs that I have made in the video are the following...

The Snowball to get into the Christmas Spirit


100mls Warninks Advocaat
50mls lime juice or cordial
Cherry and mini marshmallows to decorate


1 - Pour the Warninks Advocaat into a tall glass

2 - Add the lime juice or cordial

3 - Pour over the lemonade and watch it froth up!

4 - Serve with a cherry on a stick with a mini marshmallow on either side

The Snowball for Winters Nights


50mls Warninks Advocaat
25mls lime juice or cordial
Ground cinnamon
Cinnamon stick
Mini candy cane


1 - Pour the Warninks Advocaat into a short glass

2 - Add the lime juice or cordial

3 - Pour over the lemonade, leaving some of the froth on the top

4 - Add a cinnamon stick and sprinkle over some ground cinnamon and hook a mini candy cane on the edge of the glass

The Snowball for a Winters Night was definitely my favourite. The added cinnamon gave this cocktail a warming spice which is perfect for this time of year.

What sparks a Christmas memory for you? What would be your ideal snowball cocktail?

Warninks Advocaat can be found in all supermarkets and any good convenience store, get stocked up ready for Christmas!

Have a very merry Christmas and enjoy your snowballs!

Disclosure: I received a hamper with everything I needed to make some snowball cocktails for the purpose of this post.

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  1. Wow, I love a Snowball, it's my favourite festive cocktail! I am so envious of your jumper! My Grannie used to make them for us when we were little, I had no idea they were alcoholic. I add a gin to mine, bit always the cherry is essential! Yum!

  2. I couldn't agree more! Christmas for me is all about the traditions and spending time with family, pressies to me are secondary. It's about good food and good company! :-) #cookblogshare

  3. Why have I never had a snowball before?? They sound amazing! Must rectify!! I enjoyed reading about your Christmas moments...especially the bit where you and the kids go and get the tree. Our car won't fit both kids and the tree so it's become a bit of a tradition in our house that one child gets the tree with daddy and the other one makes mince pies with me. Then we all decorate the tree and eat mince pies whilst listening to cheesy Christmas music - such a special day each year :-) Eb x

  4. i have not had a snowball for years and years - they are so nice and very Christmassy. i love going to get the tree with my boys - it marks the start to the Christmas countdown i think x

  5. Your jumper has made me determined to make Snowballs this Xmas!The recipe looks fab!x

  6. I only tried a snowball for the first time a couple of weeks ago (despite meaning to for years). It's now firmly on my drinks-to-get-you-feeling-festive list (along with a warm glass of mulled wine or cider). I love all you Christmas traditions, it really is those special little moments that make a good Christmas.


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