Thursday, 15 December 2016

Beer52 for Christmas

There is no denying that the trend for craft beers is here to stay. More and more breweries and micro breweries are coming through and moving away from the big mainstream lager and are creating more unique drinks.

Personally I am more of a gin girl than a lager girl but since tasting craft beers I have found that there are so many different flavours to suit all tastes. The hubby does enjoy craft beers and so far, has tried a wide range of ales, stouts, porters and IPA's.

So when Beer52 asked me if we would like to try one of their festive boxes I jumped at the chance. 

Beer52 is the most popular craft beer club in the UK. They have sourced the best craft beers from around the world to showcase in their subscription boxes. Their boxes of brew are sent out each month and are priced at £24 and can be taken on a rolling month to month basis. Each month you receive 8 different, exclusive craft beers and their magazine telling you all about the beers, Ferment. They guarantee that you will be receiving the freshest beers which will be in your glass just 4 - 6 weeks of being brewed.

Look what came in their festive box.

  • Mimosa from Wiper and True - Wiper and True are based in Bristol and describe themselves as "alchemists and inquisitors". This is a soft malt with fruity citrus flavours.
  • Single Hop IPA from Mikkeller - Mikkell, the man behind Mikkeller, began brewing in the school kitchen where he was a teacher. After discovering a love of brewing he left his job and became a full time brewer. This IPA is a light bodied ale with citrus flavours and aromas of tropical fruit.
  • Santa Paws from Brewdog - Brewdog has become one of the largest craft ale breweries in both the UK and abroad. This is a full of flavour Christmas ale.
  • Santa's Private Reserve from Rogue - The Rogue brewery is based in Oregon, USA and has been brewing since 1988. This is a double hopped red ale with a reddish colour and a roasted, malty flavour.
  • Flower Power from The Flying Dutchman - The nomad brewer of The Flying Dutchman has worked with various breweries in Finland, Holland and Belgium. Flower Power is an American Amber. A hoppy beer with hints of citrus and passion fruit.
  • Little Bro from Ægir - This Norwegian brewery is named after a mythological Norse giant whose ale, it is believed, was a favourite of Odin. This crisp IPA has been designed to pair with food and this ale is perfect for spicy dishes.
  • Fuck Art, the heathens are coming from To ØI - This is another nomadic brewery who work only with specially selected breweries. This Belgium style spiced beer is an easy drinking ale.
  • Krampus from Mordue Brewery - Mordue Brewery is a UK brewery based in North Shields. This German amber ale features herbal hops and is best served cool, not chilled!

If you like craft ales I am sure that you are tempted! To make it even better for you Beer52 are offering Hijacked By Twins the chance to receive £10 off their first subscription box. To receive the £10 discount simply use the promo code HIJACKEDBYTWINS10.

For more information visit Beer52.

Disclosure: I received a box of festive ales from Beer52 for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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