Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Perfect New Years Eve Party Food from Aldi

Now that Christmas day is over with all of the attention goes to new years eve.

New years eve it a fantastic excuse to have a good get together with friends and family. Any get together needs good food but not a big sit down meal like on Christmas day. On new years eve a buffet, picky meal is so much better. If you have ever tried making canapés you will know how fiddly they can be not to mention time consuming. Thankfully Aldi are here to help and they have some delicious treats that will really impress any guests that you may have. Even better they are at a price that will certainly make you happy!

This is what I am planning to serve up to welcome in the new year...

Iberico Charcuterie is a must. This selection of hand sliced, artisan, air dried hams and salami boasts superb quality, flavour and texture. They will keep you coming back for more especially if you pair them with some continental cheeses such as Manchego.

One dessert that everyone loves has to be cheesecake. Aldi's Specially Selected Cheesecake Bites are perfect for when you have some that like chocolate cheesecake and others that like fruit flavours. This selection comes with 9 Belgian chocolate and 9 orange and passion fruit cheesecake bites.

While socialising and having a couple of drinks you need to have something to pick at and this Antipasti Platter Selection is perfect. This selection of Edremit and Moroccan Picholine olives, habas fritas, chilli corn, jumbo pitted Kalamata olives, marinated Gouda and semi dried tomatoes is great for nibbling.

In my opinion, every buffet needs to have plenty of desserts! It is the time to indulge a little. These Specially Selected Mini Tarts will prove to be irresistible! The hard part is choosing between 6 salted caramel tarts with fudge pieces or 6 millionaires tarts that have been topped with Belgium chocolate and gold lustre sparkle. I think that a box of each is needed!

No buffet is complete without sausage rolls and this year Aldi have gone one step further. Forget your regular sausage rolls, this Sausage Roll Garland is made to impress. You can really make it a centre piece by adding a garnish of salad leaves and vegetables in the centre.

If you are looking for a lighter sweet treat for the buffet table Aldi's Specially Selected Macaroons are what you need! These light yet crispy bite sized delights come in either boxes of 12 classic flavours or 12 chocolate ones, again I think that one of each is the best way to go!

To add some flavoursome Asian nibbles to the table this Specially Selected Duck Selection is ideal. Each box comes in three varieties of spring rolls trimmed with sesame seeds, duck parcels in filo pastry and balls with a crispy finish.

My final top dish for a buffet is one that everyone will love and will not be able to resist. Cinnamon Dough Balls are fluffy, scrumptious cinnamon dough bites that come complete with a salted caramel dip. Wow! Don't they sound amazing!

There are also many drinks at a fantastic price for your party. You can find my top drinks this season in my Drinks from Aldi post.

I would just like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year and I am looking forward to bringing you lots of yummy foodie posts throughout 2017!

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  1. These are really mouth watering, simple, and must try recipe. I really loved this very much. Thank you so much for sharing this here. I will definitely try these recipes this weekend for sure and will sure my opinion about this very soon. Keep posting such healthier and must try recipes.


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