Friday, 4 November 2016

Right Number, First Time

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As much as I love technology, sometimes you just need to speak to someone. There is only so much you can do online. Unfortunately getting through to someone can often be quite a challenge. From finding the correct number to the dreaded automated system, it can be tough as well as time consuming. The amount of times I have rung a number, been on hold for what felt like an eternity to only be told that I have rung the wrong number! This leaves you both annoyed and stressed! Gone are the days when you could open a Yellow Pages or the phone directory.

When I was told about Contact Number UK I thought what a great idea. Contact Number UK is a British run organisation that aims to get you through to the right person first time. They list all of the UK's major organisations and companies. Not only will they get you through to the right person but at last they offer a way to beat all of the queues! This will allow you to speak to customer service representative in a fraction of the time. We all know there is nothing worse than being stuck on hold, listening to monotonous music.

A lot of telephone numbers also have high costs. Contact Number UK guarantee to keep the cost of these telephone calls down. All of the numbers are 0843 which cost no more than 7p per minute which is cheaper than a lot of the extortionate 0871 or 0872 numbers.

So whether you are looking for numbers for the HMRC, Sky or even the ESA Contact Number UK can help!

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