Monday, 7 November 2016

#CookBlogShare Week 44 Round Up - Recipes with a Twist

Last week it was my turn to host the #CookBlogShare linky and it was lovely to see such a wide variety of recipes shared. I was certainly left feeling hungry after reading all of the posts. When it came to selecting four recipes that shared a common theme it was difficult. There were lovely bakes, wholesome dinners and delectable desserts! There really was a mixture of all sorts.

For this weeks round up I have decided to go for four recipes that are not what they first seem. They are all recipes that go much further than what the pictures make you believe that they are. All four of these recipes have an added twist that makes them special.

Here are my four favourite recipes from week 44 of CookBlogShare...

The first recipe may look like a creamy dessert, it may look like a creamy cheese. But no! Nico at Yum Some has shared with us her deliciously nutty, vegan No Tofu Cashew Ricotta. This creamy vegan alternative not only looks amazing but a vegan ricotta that actually tastes like a dairy ricotta. This versatile ricotta can be used in savoury dishes or sweetened up for a dessert!

The following recipe may look like a creme brulee but it is so much more. Angela from Only Crumbs Remain shared her Baked Bengal Curds with Macerated Berries. I adore cheesecake so as soon as I read that these baked curds have a cheesecake taste to them and combined with the berries and almond crumble I was well and truly hooked!

The next recipe that I chose is from Sadhna from Herbs, Spices and Tradition. They may look like little pies of some sort but, no they are not. These Semolina Energy Bites, or Suji Ki Pinni, are sweet energy treats that are made for Diwali. They are made with semolina, khoya (solidified milk), sugar, cardamon, raisins and almonds. They sound perfect for any time of day but especially during a lull of energy.

Finally I have chosen a recipe that was shared by Eb from Easy Peasy Foodie. This dish may look like a macaroni cheese, it is, but it has an added goodness to it. Eb's Butternut Squash Macaroni Cheese is made using butternut squash that has been boiled in milk. All parents will know that it can be hard to get the kids to eat as many vegetables as we would like so this recipe is a delicious way to sneak some extra goodness into the whole family's diet!

If you missed any of these four recipes pop over and check them out!

Tomorrow the CookBlogShare linky is hosted by Eb at Easy Peasy Foodie. I am looking forward to seeing what you have been cooking up. I will be back next Monday with my weekly round up. Now that the Bake Off has finished my round ups will be back each Monday.

Enjoy x



  1. Hi Kristy, Thanks for featuring and explaining in detail my recipe of Semolina energy bites.I didn't know you are going to feature it, by chance I have seen it on twitter. I am going to mention it on top of my post.

  2. Ooh that Vegan ricotta sounds fascinating Kirsty, need to check that out! Thank you for mentioning my Baked Curds too :-)
    Angela x


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