Monday, 10 October 2016

Weekly Meal Plan - Week Commencing 10th October 2016

Hello and welcome to another weekly meal plan!

Last weeks meal plan was going perfectly until Thursday when it all went pear shaped! On Thursday the hubby had the day at home. It was the twins first harvest festival service and the small car needed to go to the garage for a service. We had our day planned out, take the kids to school, drop the car off, do the weekly shopping, collect the car and watch the kids service. You can probably guess it did not go to plan! While we were at the garage we saw a car we liked and that was us for at the garage for the day! After a lot of waiting we agreed to go back on the Friday. As we had not managed to get the shopping in the morning we just picked something quick and easy from the shop for dinner. So that was Thursday's meal not made. Friday was yet another full day talking cars and driving around. In the end we left the first garage and went to a different one and had a fantastic, relaxed experience and left with a car bought! As I am sure you will know, if you have been car shopping, it is exhausting! We had no lunch and after nearly 5 hours all I wanted was to go home, have some food and a glass of wine! Yes, I had wine, my month of no alcohol has not gone to plan either!

But onwards and upwards, we are collecting the new car next week and we will be sticking to the meal plan!

Last weeks meal of celeriac spaghetti was a huge success!!! Everyone loved it and the children did not question what it was. This is a meal that we will definitely be having again.

This is what we will be enjoying this week...

Week commencing 10th October 2016

Monday - Leftover Soup

This was another success from last week. The leftover soup was delicious. As we had roast chicken for dinner on Sunday I made sure there would be some leftovers again!

Tuesday - Wild Garlic and Chicken Pasta

On a recent shopping trip to Aldi I found some artisan wild garlic pasta that I simply had to get. This week we will be having it with chicken in a creamy sauce and green vegetables.

Wednesday - Quorn Lasagne

Last week everyone loved the Shepherdless Pie and did not notice that it was not mince beef so this week I am going to be using it to make a lasagne.

Thursday - Garlic and Herb Chicken

This is a new meal that I am looking forward to trying. We will have it served with vegetables and jacket potatoes.

Friday - Grilled Fish, Chips and Peas

Got to love a healthy version of a Friday favourite, good old fish and chips.

Saturday - Beef Stew

This is a great Saturday meal as it can be prepared and left in the oven, plus it is a perfect autumnal meal especially when served with dumplings!

Do you meal plan? What will you be having this week?

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  1. Arghh never mind about the meal plan and the alcohol, this week will be better. The garlic and chicken pasta sounds fab and the beef stew too, perfect for the chilly evenings xx

  2. Car buying is very stressful - I know too well. Love the sound of the wild garlic and chicken pasta.


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