Thursday, 13 October 2016

Saving Money for Christmas

In just over 10 weeks it is going to be Christmas. I do not know about you but I have a habit of leaving things until last minute. This includes saving money for the big holiday. We all love Christmas time. It is a real family affair and we always splash out. We buy lots of foodie treats and drinks and of course plenty of presents. As much as we love to give on Christmas not going over our budget is a must. Nobody wants to spend months paying off the credit card due to over spending. Today I thought that I would share with you my top saving tips. 

  • Before you shop always search online for any offers that may be running or voucher codes. Whether you are looking for Toys R Us offers so you can buy that wished for toy or New Look voucher codes so that you can get the perfect Christmas day outfit. If you look before you shop you are bound to find some savings!
  • Last year, on the run up to Christmas, I shared my top Christmas food tips for a more thrifty Christmas. I showed you that being thrifty on your Christmas food does not mean that you sacrifice quality. This is another feature which I am planning to write again this year. But this year I will be hunting down all of this years new treats!
  • To make the Christmas food shopping easier start saving now, it really is not too late. Keeping £10 a week in a safe place will give you £100 to spend on Christmas treats! I know that saving money is so hard so to make it easier we will be enjoying many more cheap, budget meals which will allow us to keep our shopping bill down and allow me to save what is leftover each week.
  • Always stop by the supermarkets "reduced to clear" section. Here you will be able to pick up cut price meat and fish. If you are able to freeze it buy it and freeze for another day.
  • It is never too early to start picking up the odd present. If you see a good offer or something that is reduced, get it while you can and put it away.
  • Another food tip for you. if you have space in your freezer you can start to buy the odd Christmas dessert, side dish for the big dinner and even buy your turkey when you can afford it instead of leaving it all until the last minute.
My absolute top tip is for you to not make Christmas all about material items. Christmas is the perfect time to spend together as a family. Quality time out together and regardless on how much or how little you spend that is more important. If you do plan to spend a lot this Christmas start planning and saving and check out the bargains.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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