Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Finding the Perfect Autumn Winter Boots from Hotter

As much as I enjoy the summer, I always look forward to autumn arriving. There is something so comforting about autumn. Watching the leaves in the trees change from green to brown, cooking plenty of slow cooked meals, getting the jumpers out again and of course changing footwear! One of my favourite things about autumn is being able to get my boots out again. The flip flops have been put away and it is all about the boots. Even though I have plenty of boots a new years season definitely deserves a new pair of boots!

This got me searching for this years style. When I buy boots and shoes I am all for comfort before height of fashion. Gone are the days when all I want to wear are high heels, I now have kids to run around after, school runs to do, dogs to walk, chickens and rabbits to tend to. As much as I look for comfort I also want a pair of boots that look good! My ideal boots are ones that go with jeans or leggings but will also go with a long winter dress or with tights and a skirt.

When I was asked if I would like to try a pair of Hotter boots I jumped at the chance! In the past I always associated Hotter shoes with more mature wearers. However when I actually looked at what shoes they have to offer I was pleasantly surprised. I got my first pair of Hotter shoes earlier in the year and was instantly impressed. They stock both full and half sizes which, for me is ideal being a five and a half. My first Hotter shes were the the classic Shake shoes in a wonderfully summery cornflower blue. Over the spring and summer they were my go to shoes that went with all outfits.

So when autumn came I knew that they would need to go away until spring. But I loved being able to look at their gorgeous new autumn winter range!

The problem that I had was deciding which boots to go for. Before I tell you about the boots that I selected let me just show you these beauties...
All three pairs of these amazing boots are on my wish list! For a good country style boot I was torn between the Belle boots and the Marlowe GTX boots. Both pairs of boots would be perfect for our lifestyle. We live in the countryside and during winter and the bad weather a good pair of leather boots are a necessity. But then the purple beauties definitely caught my attention. The Vanity boots are such a stunning pair of boots and next time I want a pair of heels that offer Hotter comfort I will be getting a pair of them!

But I chose a different pair to try. I decided to go for the Pixie boots!

The Pixie boots are slouchy soft suede boots that are lined with a smooth, warm faux fur which adds comfort but keeps your toes snugly and warm. They have lace detailing up the side and have some cute tassels at the back. These boots slip on with great ease and are as comfortable as slippers. They have become my favourite boot. I have worn them with both skinny jeans and boot cut jeans as well as leggings with a jumper and leggings with a tunic, they have even been worn with a maxi dress. They are a true all rounder of a boot.

Since these boots arrived none of my other boots have been worn. No matter how quickly we are having to dash to school or battling through the supermarket one thing that I do not have to worry about is how my feet are feeling. Years of high heels and pointy shoes has paid its toll on my toe joints so finding shoes that keep my feet pain free is a must and these tick all of the boxes!

If you are looking for a new pair of shoes or boots for the new season I cannot recommend Hotter enough. The customer service, the choice, style, comfort, they even do accessories (their bags are amazing!) Hotter have it covered! So pop on over and take a look!

Disclosure: I was sent a pair of Pixie boots for the purpose of this post. No cash payment was received. All views and opinions are my own and 100% honest.


  1. These look so comfy, I love Hotter shoes for comfort and style, in fact I may pay them a visit shortly. x

    1. They are so comfortable, I love them! I am so tempted to try some of their high healed shoes x


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