Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Our Home Improvements

A few weeks ago we started to focus on the house and getting some much needed jobs completed. When we moved in, nearly five years ago, there was so much that needed to be done. But we only had two weeks to get the jobs done before we moved in. We desperately wanted to be in for Christmas so a lot of jobs were rushed and not done to how we really wanted. But time and money meant that we had to make do.

Over the past two years, once the twins were no longer babies, we have started to really make the house our own. The hubby has completely transformed the garden from a long, lawn garden to a garden divided into three areas comprising of a vegetable, fruit and chicken area, kids play area and a family and dogs area. We have had a completely new roof fitted, the front garden has been replaced with a gravel driveway and we have started to decorate inside. A few months ago we had a flood upstairs thanks to J leaving a tap running with the plug in the sink while we were out. This caused a lot of water damage but meant that we needed to have the hall and landing redecorated and a new carpet fitted. We also needed the ceiling in the lounge re plastered. Seeing the new against the old installed the decorating bug in us. We have now got a beautifully, fresh and bright lounge after decorating. This has ignited a fire inside of us to really get the house as we want it. I spoke a few weeks ago about our kitchen dreams. We want to brighten up that room next. Having the house looking lovely inside has got us looking at all aspects of the house, both inside and out and looking at how we have done jobs in the past and if we would change anything.

Back in 2014 we had the front garden transformed into a driveway. This not only added value to the house but made parking so much easier. Gone were the days of worrying that we would not be able to park in front of our own house. It made life so much easier, I no longer needed to walk back and forth with the weekly shopping or worrying that the children will get soaked on the run to the car on a rainy day!

We had a stone covering for the drive purely because it was the cheaper option. Now that the drive is two years old we are getting ready for some new stones to be added. This got us thinking about how we could improve the driveway, should be change it to block paving or keep it as it is.

This has got me looking into home improvements and I have started to create a Pintrest board for all of the drive ideas which will be followed by one for conversions and extensions!

The next big job on the list is converting the out houses into workable rooms. The larger one is to be a new utility and wash room which will finally give us some space for a much needed tumble drier! The old coal shed is going to be a pantry. This will enable us to get non perishable items out of the kitchen to free us some much needed storage space. I will no doubt update you on all of the work as it happens. Then, in time, we will be adding a further bedroom and a conservatory to the house!

As always life is busy and I look forward to telling you how we get on!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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