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#PowerofFrozen and Kids in the Kitchen - Chocolate Eclair Ice Cream Sundae

Now that it is coming to the end of the summer holidays, the kids are starting to get bored and us parents need new ways to keep them occupied. If there is one thing that all three of the kids love it is spending time in the kitchen either helping to prepare their lunches or baking.

When Iceland challenged me to come up with a recipe that the children can help with I knew that a dessert would go down a treat with them all. I don't know about you, but our plans often change depending on the weather, if I have work to be done and what the kids want to do on that day. So having fresh foods can often lead to waste if we get busy doing something else. But when buying frozen foods you know that if you need a last minute activity for the kids or they simply come and say they want to make something you know you have got the ingredients in.

J and I went shopping to our local Iceland to pick up some supplies. As we have had some gloriously warm days we decided to make an ice cream dessert. There are so many different ice creams to choose from. Iceland stock their original ice creams in vanilla, Neapolitan and raspberry ripple. They also have some delicious Italian gelato ice cream in cherry ripple, vanilla and caramel swirls. To go with the ice creams there was a wide choice of toppings and additions!

We decided to go for their Bellissima Chocolate Italian Gelato. This ice cream comes with three irresistible flavours in one, white chocolate flavoured ice cream with white chocolate flavoured ripple, chocolate and cocoa flavoured ice cream with chocolate flavoured ripple and lastly hazelnut and chocolate flavour ice cream with hazelnut and chocolate flavour ripple.

In the end we decided to get the following ingredients...

Today we are going to show you a super easy, delicious sweet treat that not only the kids will love but is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. As much as we all love a good old hot pudding and custard it just won't do in the summer, plus I wanted this to be a safe and easy recipe for the kids to be fully hands on without the worry of the oven. Plus my kids are not very good at waiting for things to bake, like most children when they want something they want to be able to enjoy it as soon as they can. What is even better is that this recipe requires no preparation. You simply need to defrost the eclairs for 30 minutes and then let them go!

This is what we did...

Chocolate Eclair Ice Cream Dessert


Chocolate ice cream syrup
Chocolate wafer biscuits
Mini Flake 99


1 - Defrost the eclairs for 30 minutes

2 - Give the children their own bowls and 6 eclairs cut in half

3 - Using three of the eclair halves place them in the bowl making a bottom layer

4 - Spoon over enough ice cream to make a second layer

6 - Lay the remaining eclair halves over the ice cream layer

7 - Top the third layer with more ice cream, cover with ice cream syrup and finish with waters and a flake

This is such an easy and effective dessert. It can even be made on a larger scale for a dessert when entertaining guests. It is perfect for both sunny days and keeping the kids occupied. Plus while they are eating it you can sit and have a couple of minutes peace!

Keep an eye out for a new recipe next week when I will be sharing with you a great packed lunch idea with the help of Iceland and The Power of Frozen!

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