Friday, 12 August 2016

#FoodieseekerFriday Holiday Clothes!

One of the best things about holidays has to be getting holiday clothes. I love getting new clothes! But I will admit to actually hating going out and trying on clothes. Since having the twins my shape has certainly changed and I find I need one size for my bottom half and a different size for my top. Plus sizes differ immensely from shop to shop. One size will fit in one but be too small in another. This can be really deflating and often leaves me feeling sad and self conscious. So this year for my cruise holiday fashion I have gone to Simply Be. I have often seen the adverts on television and have liked their clothes. But what really appealed was the easy payments that they offer. Buying holiday clothes for five of us can be so expensive! Being able to pay a monthly balance has made it so much easier as I did need a lot of extra items. I have not been abroad for six years and my other holiday clothes simply do not fit! So I have treated myself to a few key items which I will be able to wear both on holiday and when we are back home. I am going to be mixing and matching items and taking clothes that can be both dressed up and casual.

Here are my key items to pack...

  • Dresses/Skirts - I love my summer dresses and maxi dresses. On a hot day they are so comfortable. As the cruise will be having "elegant" evenings I have purchased the dress in the picture as with heals it can be dressy but can also be worn with flip flops for a more casual look!
  • Vest Tops - Vest tops are a wardrobe essential for me. I wear them all year round, in summer with jeans or skirts and in the winter under a jumper. I found some great multi packs at Simply Be, three vest tops in different colours for under £20!
  • Linen Trousers - I love white linen trousers in summer. These are another item which can be dressy or casual.
  • Shoes - I am planning on having three pairs of shoes with me. I will be travelling in some canvas pumps, I will be taking flip flops for during the day and round the pool and then I have also got some nude colour wedges. I went for wedges as they will be more comfortable than heals and I chose nude coloured ones as they will go with any dress colour.
  • Swimsuit - I have invested in a new swimsuit. I have got one which I hope will flatter my curvy figure and one that I will feel confident in!
  • Sarong - This is going to be my must have for the pool!
I also need to think about key items that the hubby and children will need to pack. So far I have the following listed...

Packing for everyone and making sure we all have what we need is so important and a huge part of getting ready to go.

Is there anything (other than undies!) that I have forgotten? 

Where do you get your holiday clothes from? Have you bought clothes from Simply Be before? I know that I will definitely be getting more clothes from them in the future!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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