Saturday, 13 August 2016

Covering the Bills Over an Expensive Summer

We all know that the summer holidays can be an expensive time of year. The kids are off school and you want to make the most of the time by going for days out or taking holidays.

At the end of the summer holidays all parents have to do the dreaded school uniform shopping trip. This year we have been amazed by how much it has cost us. Our eldest is now going up to secondary school so has needed a completely new uniform, which includes specially embroidered items which have cost us an absolute fortune. This is before we have even considered buying school shoes, football boots and trainers! This year is costing us even more as the twins are starting full time school. When you are buying three pairs of school shoes, three pairs of trainers and uniforms the bills certainly do mount up.

All of these bills do not come at a good time of year. Holiday treats and days out are dependent of what money we have got coming in. This can cause a lot of families a lot of stress. Do we buy extra food when shopping or save for the uniforms? Where can we cut back so that we can all enjoy a holiday without worrying about covering the bills?

Thankfully there is help out there. Whether you have got a good credit rating or not there is help. If you have a bad credit rating it can be hard, I know I have been in this exact position. I got into debt with various credit cards and got deeper and deeper into debt from spending on holidays and treats. Back then there were not any guarantor loan companies about like there are now. These companies make it so much easier to borrow money that you know you can afford to pay back. All you need is someone to vouch for you and confirm that despite your credit rating, you are trust worthy and can pay it back.

So do not stress, there is help out there!

Get the kids kitted out for school, enjoy your days out or holidays and then relax when it is time to go back to school!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post


  1. My parents growing u always took me on holiday on school term and make it up during the holiday time. That way it saved money and I don't miss school. It was only possible by having a really lovely teacher who helped me. xx

  2. I think the last part of this post says it all, life is too short x

  3. I have done the kids school shoes but have to admit I am a little stressed over money this summer mainly as being self employed means I have a few invoices outstanding


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