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#FoodieseekerFriday - Seuss at Sea and Fun for the Kids

For this weeks Foodieseeker Friday post I thought I would tell you all about the children's activities. As I am sat writing this I have two excited twins telling me to click here and there! To prepare the children for the Dr Seuss adventure on board Carnival Vista they already have Dr Seuss teddies and books so they are already familiar characters. In true Carnival style there are so many Dr Seuss themed activities, including the legendary Green Eggs and Ham!

Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast

The Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast with the cat in the hat and friends is going to be a breakfast like no other. The dining area will be brightly decorated and filled with all of the fun of Dr Seuss.

fantastical world of Dr. Seuss

The menu makes this a truly unique breakfast. The menu is full of classic Dr Seuss style poems to describe the culinary delights that await, such as...
  • Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham? "Would you, could you, on a boat? Try them while you float. Try them and you may, I say."
  • Scrambled Super-Dee Dooper-dee-Booper, Special de luxe a-la Peter T Hooper Omelette's "We'll crack'em and shuck'em and chuck'em in pans. We'll mix in some beans and use fifty five cans. We'll mix in whatever you wish; feel free to create your own stupendous egg dish."
  • Truffula Tree Pancakes "Those pancakes! Those pancakes! Stacked high as the trees. I've been searching my whole life for stacks such as these!"
  • From There to Here, From Here to There, Funny Belgian Waffles are Everywhere "One berry, two berry, red berry, blue berry. Waffles with whipped cream, waffles without. Just tell us which one; no need to shout."
  • Fox in Socks Steak and Eggs "Don't blab such blibber blubber! Try to say filet mignon topped with two fried eggs, Bearnaise sauce, chopped potatoes and grilled tomatoes. Now is your tongue numb?" 
Enjoy unique breakfast options at Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast
The regular breakfast is still available but would you really want a 'regular' breakfast when you are offered a breakfast like this? No way! I already know that I will not be able to resist the Fox in Socks Steak and Eggs! (yes my tummy is rumbling as I write this!) As well as the food you can also get coffee, tea, Moose Juice (orange juice) and even Goose Juice (apple juice) which I know the kids are going to love!

But the Dr Seuss adventures do not stop there!

The children can enjoy Dr Seuss story time like no other at the Seuss-a-Palooza Story Time. Watch as the classic stories come to life in this live show. But this is no sit down and watch show there is the chance for the audience to interact with the story and there is even the chance for them to be part of the story themselves! We may also spot some unexpected characters!


If there is one thing children love it has to be a parade. I have many memories of holiday parades as a child and now our children will be able to make the same memories with the Seuss-a-Palooza Parade. Everyone is sure to stand up and cheer as the Dr Seuss parade takes over the deck. The children will be eager to join in with the fun and dancing and become loyal followers!


For us, as a family, story time is an important part of the day. We love to read and the hubby even works for the local library service. So when I saw that Vista had her very own children's library I had to take a look! The Dr Seuss Bookville library is a place to go and take some time out and enjoy a book. But this is no ordinary library. This library has been given the full Dr Seuss treatment and as you can imagine it is full of bright colours, fun and "whimsical" furniture. The shelves are full of books to enjoy. I can see this being our chill out zone!

Let’s use our imaginations

The Dr Seuss activities are all about having fun as a family. Which is what holidays are all about. But children also want some independence and so do us parents! That is where Camp Carnival kids club comes in! Fun for kids aged 2 to 11. I am sure that the kids are going to enjoy some time there during our holiday! The areas are split up in to three age groups, 2 to 5, 6 to 8 and finally 9 to 11.

The staff in Camp Carnival all have either education or childcare experience so you can be confident that your children will have an amazing time! All of the Youth Staff must meet important educational and professional requirements, certified in CPR and basic first aid and they all under go an extensive background check. So you can feel confident leaving your child in their care. The staff are also able to contact you directly if you are needed at all!

Children will take part in age appropriate activities such as art and crafts, dancing, movie time, toy time and even video gaming. When it comes to meal time Camp Carnival have that covered with meals that the kids will love. They get their own menus and can select from a variety of meals like mac n cheese, chicken nuggets and more!

Kids playing at camp carnival

If you fancy a romantic evening meal out without the kids you can rely on Night Owls. Night Owls is a night time kids club that does have an additional fee. Night Owls is for kids aged 6 months to 11 and is a pyjama party without parents! The kids get to enjoy their very own pyjama party with music, activities, games, food and giveaways. If they get sleepy there is even a chill out area for them.

Made for kids, great for adults

If your kiddies want to learn more about the ocean there is Camp Ocean. Camp Ocean is divided into three groups...
  • Penguins ages 2 - 5 where they can engage in ocean activities such as musical icebergs and ocean bingo! Fun and learning together!
  • Stingrays ages 6 - 8 can enjoy pirate game night, sea salt art and even designing an aquarium!
  • Sharks ages 9 - 11 get to compete in marine life trivia, create a giant ocean mural and even sports and games competitions!
Camp ocean

Carnival also cater for the older kids too with Circle C for children ages 12 to 14 years old. Circle C stands for "chill", "connect" and "cool". Here young teens can hang out and take part in activities, games, dance parties and even outdoor movies!

Circle C

For the older teens there is the Club O2. This is the perfect place for them to hang out, make friends, listen to music from this decade, play sports, video games, sing karaoke and even have pool parties!

club O2 for teens

There is so much to keep the kids busy on this holiday. I have only covered the main activities but there are more! They can also do...
There really is so much to do on board Vista and that is why we are planning to stay on board and make the most of what she has to offer!

Disclosure: I am Carnival Cruise Lines Foodieseeker blogger. All photographs are courtesy of Carnival.


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