Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday with Aldi

This weekend people all over the country will be celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday. What better way to celebrate than with a traditional street party! But this year why not make the street party even more exciting by having a barbecue street party!

Aldi have so many products that are ideal for a celebration that would be fit for her Majesty!

Today I am going to showcase my favourite products that I have found in Aldi which all have a true street party feel to them.

These Heartsease Farm drinks are deliciously sweet drinks made with spring water. They are perfect for children, as a refreshing drink or to use as a mixer with spirits. In other shops these drinks are priced at £2.29 so when I saw them in Aldi for just £1.59 I could not resist! They come in three truly British flavours, Raspberry Lemonade, Elderflower Presse and Traditional Lemonade.

Grove Manor British rose wine was a true bargain at just £2.59. This is a slightly sparkling fruity wine which has a sweetness from strawberries and cherries. Served chilled it is perfect as a summer wine.

If you like spirits the these will go down a treat! These cans are priced at just 99p which makes them a great addition to your street party. Austin's is Aldi's own Pimms and I really could not tell the difference so it worth saving some all important pennies and going for Austin's. The Oliver Cromwell gin from Aldi is the gin that I drink when I am having it with a mixer. I love a good gin and this one is as good, if not better than other London gins.

For the barbecue Aldi have everything covered. From minced beef to make beef burgers to sausages, from mini chicken fillets to all of your salad essentials!

Today I am going to give you a couple of ideas for cold party food. The first one is a classic flavour combination and the second is a quick and easy way to add flavour to some savoury biscuits.

The classic combination that I have chosen is cream cheese, smoked salmon and cucumber. To make these I decided to use Aldi's part baked baguettes which cost just 45p and are as yummy as freshly baked bread in just 12 minutes. Allow the baguettes to cool, then spread with cream cheese, add a roll of smoked salmon and top with cucumber.

For the best savoury biscuits I used Scottish Rough Oatcakes. Simply spread a layer of cream cheese over the top, add a slice of cucumber and for extra goodness top with piece of avocado.

Jersey Royal season is with us so it is the perfect time to make this Jersey Royal potato salad.

But we all know that no party is complete without cake and sweet treats! Here are my favourite recipes that are party ready and are sure to please the whole street!

I hope that this post has given you plenty of ideas for how to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday. So happy birthday ma'am, this party is on us!

Enjoy x

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


  1. I also love Aldi, there is one near my son's school so I am there 3 times a week!

  2. Ohh yum! This has made me so hungry!
    That Grove Manor Rose wine is so good and such an amazing price.

  3. Oh you have picked out some stunning choices for a summer birthday party. I love those Heartsease drinks.

  4. That potato salad looks so yummy! Thanks for all the recipes -fit for the Queen!

  5. I can't believe all this tasty food came from Aldi!! I think we're doing our food shop in the wrong store!! Prices are really reasonable too!

  6. Very tasty foods - i would love to have tried the potato salad - yum!


  7. I saw a lot of this in Aldi this morning. My friend swears by the Austin's.

  8. Lots of lovely looking food here, hope you all enjoyed the party.

  9. Yum! Can I come to your street party please??? ;-) Eb x

  10. I had raspberry lemonade at my friends wedding and fell in love with it - need to get some now

  11. Everything looks so yummy - I better head to Aldi!

  12. Aldi is incredible. I switched a couple of years back and can't believe how much I gad wasted in going to Tesco all those years.

  13. Wow that looks like a great spread! I love Aldi, I just need one to be a little more convenient for us to use it regularly.

  14. It is just great to see you celebrating Queen's 90th Birthday. I love all these party pictures. The food looks so tasty. We also attended a grand public event at domestic venues in Atlanta. This event was organized in last month and we had wonderful time over there.


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