Monday, 9 May 2016

Weekly Meal Plan - Week Commencing 9th May 2016

What a glorious weekend we have had. Last weeks meal plan did not really go to plan towards the end of the week thanks to the lovely weather we really did not the casserole and baked dinners as I had planned. But because the weather was so nice I really was not too bothered!

This week I remembered to plan this weeks meals before going shopping. I have found that doing it this way I have reduced our food waste and when it comes to my shopping day the fridges are almost empty. It also makes writing my shopping list so much easier, I will definitely be continuing to do it this way.

This is what we will be enjoying this week...

Week Commencing 9th May 2016

Monday - Pulled Pork

This is a meal which we have not had in such a long time.bit is perfect for this time of year as a light meal.

Tuesday - Leftover Pulled Pork

There is usually leftovers so on Tuesday I will use the leftovers in a pasta sauce.

Wednesday - Jacket Potatoes and Balsamic Glazed Chicken

This will be served with salad.

Thursday - Chicken Curry

This is another meal which I have not cooked in a while so this week I will be making one. I will also be making some naan breads to go with it.

Friday - Fish Friday

As it was such a lovely day last Friday I did not make the fish pie as planned so we will be having it this week instead.

Hope you have a good week x

As always I am sharing my Weekly Meal Plan with At Home With Mrs M - Meal Planning Monday

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  1. Our meal plan went wrong yesterday too...It was just too nice to spend time in the kitchen cooking.
    Your jacket potatoes sound way nicer than the one's with beans and cheese I have planned this
    Have a great week x

    1. As soon as the sun comes out I just want to be outside! I love beans and cheese on my jacket potatoes, they may be on next weeks meal plan x

  2. Hi Susan, I only ever manage to plan a few days of meals at a time, but it works for us as I go shopping twice a week. Although in the summer I may try to get more organised and do one main shop a week and just pick up more milk mid week (we go through loads of milk).

    I'm tempted by the sound of balsamic glazed chicken, I'm a bit of a balsamic vinegar addict.


    1. I love balsamic vinegar, I think that it is the sharpness combined with the sweetness that I love the most. I try to only shop once a week, otherwise I spend a fortune and the kids add a lot to the list x


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