Monday, 16 May 2016

Weekly Meal Plan - Week Commencing 16th May 2016

I have enjoyed planning the weeks meals before I go shopping. I have found that this has resulted in me being a lot more relaxed when it comes to planning. I am not hunting through the freezer and fridges to see what I have got to use in meals. I really do not know why I did not do this earlier!

I will admit to my meal plan changing slightly to my original plan. This morning I received some meals to try for a blog post from Charlie Bigham. I am not a fan of ready meals but these ready meals are all handmade which is a huge selling point for me. So after a stressful start to the day this evening I will not be slaving over a hot oven. Tonight the kids will be going to bed early and the hubby and I will be having one of the meals, in peace that has been cooked for me! I am looking forward to trying them and will let you know how I get on.

This is what we will be enjoying this week...

Week Commencing 16th May 2016

Monday - Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni

Tonight we will be trying the first Charlie Bigham meal of spinach and ricotta cannelloni. 

Tuesday - Meal Out!

On Tuesday it is my mother in laws birthday so as a treat we are taking her out for dinner.

Wednesday - Beef Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

This meal has been inspired by a recipe from Quick and Easy Without the Calories but I will be changing it to our taste.

Thursday - Jacket Potatoes and Frittata

We have enjoyed having jacket potatoes and they have become a regular meal. This week we will be having them with frittata.

Friday - Warm Veg, Goats Cheese and Lentil Salad

This is a meal that I am looking forward to!

Saturday - Turkey Mince Spag Bol

On Saturday I will be adapting the regular beef spaghetti bolognese to a turkey mince version.

What will you be having this week? Whatever you have, I hope you have a good week!

As always I am sharing my Weekly Meal Plan with Meal Planning Monday.

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  1. It sounds like you have a great week planned. The Warm Veg, Goats Cheese and Lentil Salad sounds delicious x

  2. Can't beat a jacket and spaghetti bolognese. You food sounds delicious X #mealplanningmonday


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