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New Panasonic L500 Slow Juicer Plus Recipes

When Panasonic contacted me about their new L500 Slow Juicer I was curious to see how it could be different to regular, high speed juicers. We already have a high speed juicer but due to the sheer size and bulkiness of the machine it has been tucked away in a cupboard! When I read that this was a more compact machine I knew that our kitchen really would put it to the test. We have a good sized kitchen, but lack on storage and worktops due to the shape of the room. So finding kitchen equipment that we will be able to have out, to hand, all of the time is a must and can be difficult.

When the parcel arrived the first thing that I noticed was that it was not a large box, this immediately pleased me. If the box is not large, the contents cannot be large!

Before I tell you how I got on using the Panasonic Slow Juicer, let me give you some technical information as well as what the benefits are of slow juicing as opposed to high speed juicing and why it is better for you. I will also be sharing with you an iced dessert, iced cocktail and a juice recipe!

The Panasonic L500 is powerful enough to handle a wide variety of ingredients, despite being a slow juicer. Being a slow juicer certainly does not limit the ingredients that you can use for juicing. Having the slow action juicing system the nutrients and vitamins inside the fruit and vegetables are protected against damage or oxidation. The more nutrients in the juice the healthier it is for you! With high speed juicers the process happens so quickly that you have a lot of waste after you have juiced and in this waste are a lot of the nutrients that you believe you are getting. If you have a high speed juicer you may have noticed that if you leave your drink for more than 5 minutes the ingredients can separate leaving you with a clear liquid at the bottom and bits of fruit or vegetables at the top. This is due to the high speed technique of the juicer. As it is juiced at a high speed air is added to the juice, hence the separation. With the slow juicer you do not get this. After I made my juice I purposely left it for 10 minutes to see what it did. As you can see from the picture below, the juice is as good as it was when I poured it.

The Panasonic L500 Slow Juicer does not only keep your juice together for longer but it also retains nutrients. For example when the scientists at Panasonic tested the vitamin C retention in juices made in both a high speed juicer and their slow juicer they recorded that when they juiced 100g carrots and 200g of orange the slow juicer retained more than 10% more vitamin C. When they did the same using 200g pineapple and 100g cucumber they were amazed to see that the slow juicer retained more than an astounding 100% more vitamin C than a high speed juicer!

What sets this juicer apart from the others on the market is it's ability to switch from fresh fruit and vegetables to frozen. Yes you can use the Panasonic L500 Slow Juicer to make deliciously healthy sorbets and frozen desserts. Being on a diet, it can be extremely difficult to find an ice cream that is healthy. But with the Panasonic L500 Slow Juicer you have that problem no more. You can make your own, healthy iced dessert at home and be happy in the knowledge that you know exactly what has been used to make it. Simply change the juicing blades to the specific frozen adapter, replace the lid and feed the frozen fruit through the juicer. You can even add fat free yogurt to make a creamy sorbet. The possibilities are endless. Also not forgetting iced cocktails, made with fruit!

As I mentioned before size was an important factor for us. The Panasonic L500 Slow Juicer shows us that size does not reflect power. This powerful juicer has a compact, cool design which will find a place on any work top. Measuring at just 13cms by 15cms this juicer is smaller than your average kettle. To give you an idea of the size of this juicer I have photographed it with some regular sized cans of drink so that you can get a visual idea of how compact it is.

As you can see on the pictures below the Panasonic L500 Slow Juicer allows you to keep the juicer on the worktop and takes up the minimal amount of valuable space.

To use, I simply pull the juicer out, prepare my juice or iced dessert, remove the jug and juicing parts and slide back in it's place!

Now that I have given you an idea of how good this machine is. Let me show you some recipes that I have enjoyed making with the Panasonic L500 Slow Juicer.

Tropical Iced Dessert

Ingredients - serves 4

300g frozen pineapple
1 tbsp coconut milk


1 - Using the frozen attachment drop the frozen pineapple pieces through the feeding tube and watch as it comes out as a smooth sorbet

2 - Place the pineapple sorbet in a bowl and mix in the coconut milk, this will give the sorbet a true tropical taste. To make it even creamier mix the pineapple with coconut yogurt before placing it through the juicer.

This made a deliciously healthy alternative to full fat, full of sugar shop bought ice creams. When you give this to your children you can also be happy in the knowledge that they are getting some of their five a day! If your children do not like pineapple you can use what they like! It is that easy and simple to make.

If you would like to convert this sorbet into a gin pina colada cocktail, simply pour in 100 mls of coconut milk and one 35mls measure of your chosen gin per serving, stir and pour into glasses to serve!

The perfect iced cocktail for a warm summers evening!

My favourite juice, so far, has been made using 2 Royal Gala apples, 2 Conference pears and 6 strawberries. To make it I quarter the apples and pears and remove the core and pips, quarter the strawberries and let the juicer do the hard work for me!


If you are looking to purchase a juicer I would definitely recommend the Panasonic L500 Slow Juicer. As I have now had both juicers I can say that it is not just the size of this machine that has been a selling point. I love the versatility of the machine, it can juice and prepare iced desserts with a simple change of an attachment. It will fit into all kitchens with it's stylish, yet discrete finish. Priced at £199.99 I think that this is an extremely fair price. If you were to buy a separate juicer and ice cream/sorbet maker you could easily pay double that.

This really is a fantastic addition to my kitchen and one that I will enjoy using into the future!

As Panasonic say "Make it fresh or frozen. Experiences the freshness and love the moment!"

Disclosure: I received the Panasonic L500 Slow Juicer for the purpose of this post. Not cash payment was received. All words, views and opinions are my own and 100% honest.


  1. Wonderful post . thank you for introducing this product with us

  2. Thank you very much for your honest review and for the amazing recipe ideas!

    I looks like Panasonic L500 Slow Juicer is a nice thing to have. Unfortunatly it is too expensive for me. But I found a similar juicer here which is also a slow juicer, but more compact and cheaper. On the website it's also said, that this juicer is perfect for beginners with best Value/Performance. This juicer also has a special function, which make it much easier to clean.


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