Friday, 8 April 2016

2nd April - 8th April 2016 - One Picture Everyday For One Year

Wow this week has flown by! We have been enjoying some lazy mornings this week and even had the hubby take an extra day off work. I have had a few busy work days and we have enjoyed a couple of trips out.

This week has seen a lot of foodie pictures, some girlie time and family walks.

Here is my week in pictures...

Saturday 2nd April 2016

On Saturday, I will admit that I did not get a picture taken! So I am using one of the hubby's! On Saturday we went plant shopping and he made these two pots of bedding plants and lavender.

Sunday 3rd April 2016

On Sunday we went out for a lovely sunny walk with the dogs. This is something which, now the weather is getting better, we are going to do each weekend. It gives the dogs a good walk but also gets us out together as a family.

Monday 4th April 2016

Monday was a busy day catching up on jobs and blog work. All of my pictures were, in true foodie style, all of food!

Tuesday 5th April 2016

On Tuesday night Joseph and I had some quality time together. We played games and watched television together.

Wednesday 6th April 2016

On Wednesday Joseph slept at my mum and dad's house so the hubby and I enjoyed a meal together once the twins were in bed. I cooked, for the first time, ostrich meat. It was really low in fat and so lean it really was a tasty meat.

Thursday 7th April 2016

Sorry, more food! I have had a busy week cooking up meals for blog posts. On Thursday I slow cooked a delicious lamb shank stew with rosemary dumplings.

Friday 8th April 2016

For days Isabella has been asking for her nails painting. As she is off school we had some girlie time and I painted her nails for the first time. So after I painted hers I did mine so we have matching nails. The hubby took Friday off to have a long weekend so Friday was a lovely family day.

Hope you have a good weekend.

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  1. Your food pics look amazing - hungry now! Love the shade of the nail polish :)

  2. Your containers look lovely and you have certainly eaten well this week.

  3. I think it is lovely you get to spend some one on one time one night with Joseph and another with hubby.
    Isabella seems to be turning into a very girly girl. having said that Minky likes his nails pained.

  4. Hi Kirsty, you've had a nice week in photos and you've also made me hungry! I can highly recommend family walks with the dogs, I'm sure everyone will enjoy them. I love your daughters chubby little hand beside yours, and nail painting is perfect fora little Mum and daughter time.


  5. I love going on walks once the weather has picked up - definitely an excuse to spend some family time together :) Your meals look fab!

  6. your recipes are making me feel peckish! they all look and sound delicious.
    i wish i had lovely nails to paint (week! still bite mine!), the colour you both used is very pretty. I bet Joseph really relishes his one on one time with you once the twins are in bed. have a lovely week x

  7. OOh Ostrich meat looks and sounds great! I must get some to try. My two big girls are obsessed with nail polish and are always asking to paint their nails - they're such girlie girls!! As always great weekly shots! Thank you so much for linking to #mycaptutedmoment xx

  8. Looks like you've eaten well this week :) My little girl likes me to paint her nails too, on the rare occasions that I paint my own!

  9. Ostrich meat?! How unusual! I love your pretty pots, I really enjoy getting out in the garden. Thanks for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky x

  10. Mmmm dumplings sound gooooooooood! Thanks for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

  11. loving the matching finger nail colour


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