Saturday, 30 April 2016

23rd April - 29th April 2016 - One Picture Everyday For One Week

What a great week I have had. I have actually felt like me again which is lovely. I have enjoyed going out, walking the kids to school, walking the dogs and even baking! Fingers crossed my medication has now settled down and this is a sign of the future!

This week has seen walks, food and a busy hubby! This is my week in pictures...

Saturday 23rd April 2016

On Saturday the hubby was busy all day laying a new patio area in the garden. I am always amazed and proud of all the work he does outside in the garden, he does a great job. After such a wet winter and with the dogs running up and down the grass in the first section of our garden has worn away hence why we wanted a patio area. While the hubby was busy I had fun in the kitchen baking! 

Friday, 29 April 2016

Banana, Cinnamon and Peanut Cake

I first told you about my new favourite combination when I shared my Full of Energy Porridge. Ever since trying banana, cinnamon and peanut I have loved the combination and have been thinking of other ways to enjoy it. What better way than in a cake!

This cake is two layers of moist banana cake with a slight crunch from the peanuts, sandwiched together with a banana butter icing and topped with melted dark chocolate. If you love bananas, you will love this cake.

This is what I did...

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Degustabox - March Contents

Every month I love it when the delivery man arrives with my Degustabox. I have learnt that the best time to open the box is when the children are not around. If they are with me as I open it, their hands dive it and the contents vanish!

In the March box we found lots of delicious sweet treats, well it was Easter time wasn't it and there is not better excuse! As well as the sweet treats there were breakfast delights for on the go and other ingredients.

This is what arrived in the March Degustabox...

  • Pipers Crisp Co - These crisps are really tasty and are a high quality crisp. Pipers cook locally sourced potatoes for their crisps and use regional suppliers. They make a great snack as well as a crispy topping for a baked pasta dish!
  • Metcalfe's Skinny Popcorn - Who doesn't love a sweet treat that is a tasty skinny version? Metcalfe's Skinny popcorn a incredibly moreish. Once you start nibbling at their cinema sweet popcorn you will find it hard to stop!
  • Lindt Bunny - Lindt has to be a favourite chocolate of mine so I was pleased to see one of their famous bunnies in my Degustabox. However, this bunny, was a white chocolate bunny. I am not usually a fan of white chocolate but, as always, Lindt did not disappoint. This is one brand of white chocolate that I will have again!
  • Parle - We received two different varieties of Parle biscuits, a savoury salt biscuit and a chocolate chip biscuit. I was not keen on the savoury biscuits but the children did enjoy them, but I will admit to hiding away the chocolate chip biscuits! Yes, I kept them hidden away from little fingers. They were so good and a perfect size for a little sweet treat!
  • Chewits - Chewits are not a new sweet, but they are celebrating their 50th birthday this year! They did bring back childhood memories of buying sweets!
  • Karyatis - This Meze to go is a handy way to enjoy the taste of the Mediterranean while on the go. The sweet, smokey roasted pepper and feta dip comes with crunchy rosemary crackers.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Refreshing Glass of Greens

A few weeks ago I introduced you to my latest kitchen gadget, the Panasonic Slow Juicer. Ever since I received the slow juicer for the purpose of my review I have enjoyed experimenting and making different juices. Today I thought that I would share with you on of my favourite juices so far.

There is something so satisfying about having a delicious glass of green goodness. As you drink it, you know that it is doing you good, while tasting so refreshing.

There are just four ingredients in this juice, but each and every one has an important role in boosting our health.

  • Spinach - This green vegetable is not only full of essential vitamins and minerals such as iron but is also well known for restoring energy and increases vitality.
  • Granny Smith Apples - These crisp, green apples contain a high level of antioxidants and are naturally low in calories yet high in dietary fibre.
  • Cucumber - With the skin kept on, cucumber is 95% water but does contain a good level of vitamin K. 
  • Lime - Limes contain less vitamin C than lemons but still remains a fantastic source and give this juice a zingy kick of citrus
This is what I did...

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Root Veg and Bacon Hash

I love buying stew packs of vegetables. They are such good value and full of delicious root vegetables. There are so many different meals that you can make with one simple bag of vegetables. Today I am sharing one of our favourite meals. This dish can be made using any left over vegetables that you may have after a Sunday dinner or you can pop to Aldi spend just £1.39 on a stew bag and make a hearty meal that is well within budget!

This is what I did...

Monday, 25 April 2016

#CookBlogShare Week 16 Round Up

Wow another week has flown by! Round Up time certainly is coming round quickly. There were so many great recipes shared last week, thank you. I thought that I had selected the four recipes that I wanted to feature this week. That was until I saw a certain sweet treat that I knew I had to feature. So I had to re think my theme completely. 

This week my theme is a balanced diet. Healthy, fresh main meals with a good helping of sweet treats to finish off with. 

Before I go on and tell you about my favourite four recipes I want to say thank you to everyone who joined in last week. It is great to see so many people returning each week as well as new people joining in. Tomorrow CookBlogShare is being hosted by Mandy at Sneaky Veg. I look forward to seeing what you have been cooking up and blogging about.

Now on to this weeks round up. Here are my four favourite recipes from CookBlogShare week 16...

Weekly Meal Plan - Week Commencing 25th April 2016

Last weeks meal planning tactics were a huge success. When it came to shopping we had nearly empty fridges. So you would have thought that I would have continued this week wouldn't you? Well, no! I did my shopping and completely forgot to meal plan in advance. This was due to doing a quick, last minute online order. But, I am planning to write my meal plan before shopping this week.

This week the hubby has contributed to the meal plan by giving me some meal ideas that he has seen in his Men's Health magazine. I have liked that he has given me some ideas and told me some of the meals that he would like this week.

This is what we will be enjoying this week...

Week Commencing 25th April 2016

Monday - Homemade Salmon Fish Cakes

I love fish cakes so this week I thought that I would make my own and we will have them with potato wedges and vegetables.

Tuesday - Slow Cooked Lamb Stew

The other week I cooked a slow cooked Lamb Shank Stew which was a huge success. So when I saw that Ocado had half legs of lamb reduced I knew what I would do with it!

Friday, 22 April 2016

9th April - 22nd April 2016 - One Picture Everyday For One Year

You will notice that this week I have written a two week summary. I was almost ready to publish my post last Saturday. That was until disaster struck! Last Saturday, which was also our 5th wedding anniversary, ended up being a complete nightmare of a day. I will explain more when I get to the day. 

These last two weeks have seen a holiday booked, foodie pictures, sunny walks and a home disaster!

Here are my two weeks in pictures...

Saturday 9th April 2016

Ever since the twins watched the SpongeBob Square Pants movie they have been asking, non stop, for krabby patties. So on Saturday I made homemade burgers and called them krabby patties. They were a huge success! On Saturday we booked a holiday for the next school holiday up in Scotland.

Sunday 10th April 2016

When I was writing my meal plan on Sunday and looking through my cook books I noticed this quote in Deliciously Ella's Everyday and I love it! I can relate to this so much, if I am hungry I am tired and such a grump!

Foodieseeker Friday - Meatballs Carnival Style

This week we have enjoyed our first Foodieseeker meal. You may remember in previous Foodieseeker posts I have said that I am going to be recreating some of the dishes from the Carnival Vista dining menus. I started this feature by looking at the menu from Cucina del Capitano. We love Italian food and this is one of the restaurants (one of many!) that I am looking forward to visiting.

dining table at cucina del capitano

This is how Carnival describe Cucina del Capitano...

"Say arrivederci to ordinary and ciao to an exciting dining experience at the restaurant that pays homage to our unique heritage. Italian-American dishes inspired by the recipes from our Italian captains’ and officers’ childhoods are served up family-style in a comfy, eclectic environment decorated like an Italian country home. Vintage images of our captains and ships adorn the walls, and there’s even a Captain’s table where you just might see the man himself dine."

Doesn't it sounds fantastic!

After examining the menu and changing my mind on what to cook quite a few times I eventually decided to make my own interpretation of Nonna's Linguine and Meatballs. We all love meatballs, especially the children so I thought that this would be the ideal recipe to introduce them to some of the types of meals that we will be able to enjoy whilst on Carnival's newest vessel, Vista. Vista will be embarking on her maiden voyage in just over a week which I am so excited about and will no doubt have an exciting post to write about the event!

Anyway, back to today's recipe. This is how Nonna's Linguine and Meatballs is described on the menu...

"Handmade with olive oil sauteed garlic and onion, baked with fresh mozzarella, served over linguine al dente with the Captains tomato sauce."

Now that I had the idea of what to expect it was time to get cooking. This is what I did..

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Zizzi Vegan Menu Review

If you are a vegan you will know how difficult it is to find a restaurant that caters you. We are not vegan but when we go out I do often go for vegetarian dishes or vegan ones if available. So when I heard that Zizzi had released a new vegan menu. I was even more excited when I was asked if I would like to try the menu for a blog post!

We decided to go to our local Zizzi at Meadowhall, Sheffield. Unfortunately the day that we went their pizza oven was broken, but it was not a problem as we all love pasta.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

New Research Results for a2Milk and Traditional Rice Pudding Recipe

I am really excited to tell you about some new, ground breaking research that has been carried out for a2Milk. The results from the study are being published today and I am delighted to be one of the first people to share these results with you. A couple of weeks ago a2Milk were featured on Channel 4's Food Unwrapped and I told you that there was some research being done in my blog post and now I can tell you the long awaited results.

The research suggests that lactose intolerance could actually be a myth for many people!

A trial has been conducted in China with two groups of participants. One group have been diagnosed as lactose intolerant while the other group are self-reported as sensitive to dairy. China has one of the highest known levels of lactose intolerance in the world. This is the first human based research that has been carried out to test the effects of the A1 versus the A2 protein on participants with clinically diagnosed lactose deficiency or intolerance.

In the study regular cows milk, that contained the A1 protein, caused the participants significantly higher gastrointestinal inflammation, stool transit delays and elevated blood markers for inflammation and immune response compared to the a2Milk.

However when the participants drank and used a2Milk the symptoms and issues completely disappeared!

The a2Milk drinkers also had faster response and lower error rates in cognitive function tests compared to A1 drinkers.

It has been discovered that all of the participants that took part in the trial were able to tolerate a2Milk.

Even the lactose intolerant subjects had no digestive problems while drinking a2Milk!

I am sure that you will agree that these results are amazing! Thanks to a2Milk, more people can go back to enjoying cows milk. This study has shown that there is a significant link between the A1 protein and dairy discomfort. a2Milk is the only milk on the market that is completely free of the A1 protein that causes so many people discomfort.

Originally all domestic cows produced milk containing only the A2 protein. However over time and after domestication another milk protein, the A1 protein, appeared in European cows which spread with the migration of man and is, now, contained in most milk consumed in the UK today.

This research could potentially transform the lives of many people who believe that they are lactose intolerant. They could, finally, return to drinking wholesome, natural cows milk as opposed to processed alternatives such as lactose free milks and artificial plant based drinks.

The video below will tell you all about the results!

To truly celebrate these recent finding I thought that I would share with you a favourite milk based recipe that I have created using a2Milk. We love a good, traditional style rice pudding. The hubby's favourite part has to be the baked top. My husband does suffer with diary discomfort but has been tested and is not lactose intolerant. So finding a2Milk has been a great way for me to make a milk pudding using the same milk for the whole family.

This is what I did...

a2Milk Traditional Rice Pudding


1 ltr a2Milk
200g Pudding rice
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1/2 tsp Nutmeg
1 tsp Vanilla paste


Pre heat the oven to 180C

1 - Place the milk in a pan with the cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla paste

2 - Gently bring to the boil, stirring regularly

3 - Once boiling add the pudding rice, reduce the heat and simmer for 15 minutes remembering to stir regularly to prevent sticking to the base

4 - After 15 minutes transfer the rice pudding to an oven proof dish, add a few knobs of butter to the top and sprinkle over a little extra cinnamon and nutmeg

5 - Place in the centre of the pre heated oven and bake for 20 minutes

Once baked serve immediately.

This is a type of rice pudding that my hubby loves. In the past he has asked me to make a more traditional rice pudding that has been baked and that has the skin on the top.

a2Milk is available in most supermarkets and online and is available in full milk and semi skimmed fresh milk and also skimmed and semi skimmed long life milk.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

Casa Costello

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Pesto, Mushroom and Pancetta Chicken

Every week I am going to be sharing with you a meal that I have cooked using ingredients that you can find at your local Aldi. They are going to be meals that the whole family will enjoy and best of all, the meals will not cost a fortune to make. I am going to show you that even when your shopping budget is tight you can still enjoy deliciously healthy meals.

This week I am sharing a favourite meal of mine. I first discovered it when my mum cooked a similar meal. This dish is easy to prepare and full of flavour. Today I am going to tell and show you what you can make using the ingredients below.

This is what I did...

#CookBlogShare Week 16 and Week 15 Round Up

Welcome to another week of CookBlogShare. I cannot believe we are on week 16 already, the weeks are flying by! As it is my turn to host the linky I have combined the round up and linky together.

Last week we had an amazing 35 recipes linked up. Thank you for sharing so many delicious recipes and thank you to Hayley from SnapHappyBakes for hosting last week.

For this weeks round up I am featuring four savoury recipes. There is no theme except from they are all meals that my family and I would love!

Here are my four favourite recipes from week 15 of CookBlogShare...

Monday, 18 April 2016

Weekly Meal Plan - Week Commencing 18th April 2016

This week I have gone about meal planning in a different way to normal. Usually when I meal plan, I look at what I have got in the cupboard, fridge and freezer and go from there. This week I have changed my tactics. This week I have written my meal plan, before going shopping. Therefore my shopping list has consisted of foods that I know I will be needing. I am hoping that this will not only cut down on our shopping bill but also reduce our food waste.

Hopefully it'll go as planned, but I will let you know if it worked next week.

This is what we will be enjoying this week...

Week Commencing 18th April 2016

Monday - Root Veg Hash and Egg

I made this a couple of weeks ago and it was a success so we will be having it again this week. This will be a recipe that I will be sharing next week.

Tuesday - Meatballs Carnival Style

As part of my Foodieseeker Friday features I am going to be recreating a dish that is on one of the menus from Carnival Vista. This week I am going to be making my version of Nonna's Linguine and Meatballs from the Cucina del Capitano menu.

Wednesday - Omelette, Jacket Potatoes and Salad

As you know we have chickens and we have got quite a few eggs so this week we will be having omelettes, jacket potatoes and salad or beans for the kids.

Thursday - Chicken Pesto Pasta

This will be a simple but delicious dish. Pasta tossed with chicken and pesto.

Friday - Fish Friday

Healthy fish, chips and homemade mushy peas.

Hope you have a good week.

As always I am sharing my Weekly Meal Plan with At Home with Mrs M - Meal Planning Monday.

mpm different fonts.png

Friday, 15 April 2016

Foodieseeker Friday - Dreaming About Afternoon Tea on Carnival Vista

Now that we are down to just four months to go until we embark on our once in a lifetime family holiday I am thinking more and more about what food we will be enjoying while away.

A few weeks ago I travelled down to London to meet with the lovely Carnival ladies and my fellow Carnival Family bloggers. I have got to admit that this was my first afternoon tea and wow, we were in for a treat!

We met up at the luxurious, 5 star hotel, The Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, London to experience their exquisite Pret a Portea fashionista themed afternoon tea. Each of the delicately decorated treats are based on key items from the autumn winter catwalk.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Join the Children's Food Trust's Big Cookathon 2016

As you will know I am passionate about cooking family friendly meals from scratch. So when I was asked to tell you about the Children's Food Trust's Big Cookathon I was really excited to learn more about this fantastic event. The Big Cookathon is an annual event to encourage more families to get in the kitchen cooking good old home cooked dinners. But it does not end there, the Children's Food Trust are on a mission to reclaim family meal times. For us, meal time as a family, is an important part of every day. It is a time where we come together to talk and be together without the usual distractions of the modern world.

Cooking is a valuable life skill that our children learn from us, their parents. Having a healthy balanced diet is better for both physical and mental health. What you eat really does play a huge part in well being and happiness.

This year the Children's Food Trust have shared a traditional recipe that I am sure is one of your family favourites, I know it is one of ours! This year they have shared a shepherds pie recipe, as well as a vegetarian version. To show you what you can expect I have made the vegetarian version of their recipe.

This is what I did...

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

#LivePeasant Challenge - Slow Cooked Lamb Shank Stew

I love to slow cook meat so when I was challenged to create a slow cooked recipe along the theme of peasant style cooking I could not wait to get going. I love one pot wonders. One pot meals are not only easy and convenient to make but are so full of flavour. All of the different flavours from the ingredients marry together to create a truly hearty meal.

So what is peasant food?

Peasant food is a style of cooking that really goes back to basics. Peasant style meals are cooked in one pot, using simple ingredients which are cooked long and low. These meals are perfect to fit in with busy family life. They are easy to prepare and can be left all day in the oven or slow cooker and will fill your house with fantastic aromas as it cooks to perfection. For slow cooked meals I use cheaper cuts of meat. But being cheaper cuts does not mean that the quality is any lower. To ensure that you are purchasing the best quality of meat simply keep an eye out for the trusty red tractor logo pictured below.

When you see the Red Tractor label on packets of meat you can be confident in the knowledge that the background of the meat has been quality checked and has met the highest standard.

For my peasant style dish I have used lamb shanks to create a heary stew. Packed with root vegetables, potatoes which are the cheapest vegetables to buy and finished off with rosemary dumplings. This dish is full of down to earth flavours and will please the whole family!

This is what I did...

Monday, 11 April 2016

Weekly Meal Plan - Week Commencing 11th April 2016

Today is the last day of the children's Easter holiday. The last two and a half weeks have flown by! It has been lovely having lazy morning but I am ready for the school routine to be back again.

This weeks meal plan is a balanced mixture of vegetarian and meat dishes, and are all healthy meals. Since getting my healthy eating mojo back I have lost the weight that I put on and am feeling so much better for it.

This is what we will be enjoying this week...

Week Commencing 11th April 2016

Monday - Squash and Mushroom Risotto

We all enjoy risotto and it is a meal which I have not cooked in a while. So when I found a squash that needed using and what better way than to make a risotto.

Tuesday - Chickpea and Quinoa Curry

This is a Deliciously Ella recipe and is so good! Last time I made it everyone enjoyed it and I am looking forward to making it again.

#CookBlogShare Week 14 Round Up - Sweet and Healthy in Equal Measures!

Last weeks CookBlogShare saw so many healthy recipes alongside tempting sweet treats. This made selecting a theme really quite difficult, as always you shared so many delicious recipes selecting just four was a challenge. As there was such a good mixture last week I have gone for a round up of the best of both worlds. This weeks round up contains healthy recipes and sweet treats in equal measures!

This should equate to a balanced diet right? 

Before I tell you about the four feature recipes I would like to say thank you to Mandy from Sneaky Veg for hosting last week. Mandy shared a delicious round up and also a flavoursome variant on a classic dish. If you did not read her recipe for Vegan Indian Spiced Shepherds Pie I definitely recommend you pop over and take a look.

Now on to my four favourite recipes...

Friday, 8 April 2016

2nd April - 8th April 2016 - One Picture Everyday For One Year

Wow this week has flown by! We have been enjoying some lazy mornings this week and even had the hubby take an extra day off work. I have had a few busy work days and we have enjoyed a couple of trips out.

This week has seen a lot of foodie pictures, some girlie time and family walks.

Here is my week in pictures...

Saturday 2nd April 2016

On Saturday, I will admit that I did not get a picture taken! So I am using one of the hubby's! On Saturday we went plant shopping and he made these two pots of bedding plants and lavender.

Sunday 3rd April 2016

On Sunday we went out for a lovely sunny walk with the dogs. This is something which, now the weather is getting better, we are going to do each weekend. It gives the dogs a good walk but also gets us out together as a family.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

a2 Milk on Food Unwrapped

Last Friday I told you how a2Milk was being featured on Channel 4's Food Unwrapped.

If you missed it I thought that I would let you know what you missed and what Food Unwrapped found out about a2 milk.

Before I go on let me tell you a bit about a2 Milk and what the difference between regular milk and a2 Milk is.

Cows milk contains two different types of protein, A1 and A2. Cows milk originally contained only the A2 protein, however over the years A1 has become more dominant protein in milk. This is the protein which some people find hard to digest, hence the rise in allergies and intolerance.

a2 Milk contains, as it's name states, the A2 protein. Therefore people who have struggled with regular milk should find that they are able to drink this milk without any discomfort.

Kuxxin - Healthy, Natural and Organic Snacks

We all love to have a snack, don't we. But we must all admit that many snacks out there are simply not good for us. Many are packed with sugar and it is those products that make snacking not good. But if you snack on healthy foods you cannot go wrong. 

This is where Kuxxin comes in. Kuxxin is a brand new monthly subscription service that sends out high quality, healthy, natural and organic snacks. Each month you will receive 5 full size snacks that come in handy, resealable bags. Each bag will contain 2 - 5 servings.

Kuxxin snacks are all about making you feel good and promoting healthy living. They contain no hidden nasties, no artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners, preservatives or GMO's.

Let me show you what delights I received in the first Kuxxin box that they sent out...

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Apple and Berries Crumble Plus Degustabox Contents and Discount Code!

Last month I received another delicious Degustabox. In last months box there were some really exciting products, a few of which have become a yummy addition to my shopping list!

Degustabox is a monthly subscription service where each month you receive a box full of foodie treats. Many of the products that you will receive are new to the market. That is what I love most about Degustabox, the chance to find new products. I find that each month there is something for everyone in the family which is another huge selling point.

Before I tell you about my feature recipe this month using my favourite product in last months Degustabox let me tell you what else arrived...

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Vita Coco #SwearbyIt Red Snapper

When Vita Coco set a challenge to create a recipe using their fantastic coconut oil, I knew that I would accept. I love coconut oil and how versatile it is. Some may think that coconut oil is just for sweet treats. Let me tell you that it is so much more than that. Coconut oil is delicious in sweet treats but it is also an amazing addition to savoury dishes. With a pot of Vita Coco coconut oil you have a multi tasker in a pot. How many other ingredients can you use as a beauty product too? Vita Coco coconut oil is a fantastic lip balm and can be used as a face cleanser, oil pulling toothpaste and even as a deep conditioning treatment for your hair!

Today I am sharing with you my recipe that combines coconut oil with Asian inspired flavours of lemongrass, ginger, chilli and garlic. Mixed together they have created a delicious meal that shows you how you can easily incorporate this healthy ingredient.

This is what I did...

Monday, 4 April 2016

#CookBlogShare Week 13 Round Up

Thank you to everyone that linked up to CookBlogShare last week. It was good to be back and I have enjoyed making the difficult decision of what recipes to feature in this week round up.

This week I really could not select a theme for the round up. I loved the wide variety of recipes shared and it was great to be back doing what I love! This weeks round up is a mixture of baked goodies and deliciously healthy meals. The perfect balance!

Here are my favourite four recipes...

Weekly Meal Plan - Week Commencing 4th April 2016

After having a couple of weeks being really quite unorganised, this week I am looking forward to having a firm meal plan in place.

After a few bad weeks I am back on with my Slimming World plan again. After the lazy weeks of chocolate, eating what I want and drinking I did put on 6lbs but after having a good week last week I am delighted that I have lost 4lbs so I am nearly where I was before. As you have probably noticed we are eating meat again. We do tend to have our fads where we eat vegetarian but at the end of the day we all enjoy meat and I am a believer in everything in moderation.

The kids are still off school so this weeks meal plan is going to be another easier week.

This is what we will be enjoying this week...

Week Commencing 4th April 2016

Monday - Root Veg Hash

This meal has been inspired by Slimming World Free Food Feasts book. I will be using a variety of root veg with some bacon and topped with an egg.

Tuesday - Fish Pie

This is a favourite and one that I am looking forward to!

Wednesday - Ostrich Steak

I was recently challenged by Iceland to create a recipe using one of the exotic meats. So this week we are trying ostrich meat. This is a new meat to us so I am curious to see what it tastes of but it is very low in fat which is a good start.

Thursday - One Pot Lamb Stew

This is going to be a one pot dish that I can prepare and leave to cook.

Friday - Krabby Patties

The twins recently watched the SpongeBob Movie and since then they have asked daily for Krabby Patties. So on Friday I will be making Krabby (beef) Patties (burgers).

As always I am sharing with Meal Planning Monday.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

26th March - 1st April 2016 - One Picture Everyday For One Year

This week I am a little later with my Project366 post, last week was manic. The children are on their Easter holidays from school so getting time to sit and write is proving a little difficult! But on we plod! Last week we finally saw some lovely days and the children have enjoyed being able to go out in the garden to play. Fingers crossed we have more days like that next week!

Here is my week in pictures...

Saturday 26th March 2016

On Saturday we spent the day at my mother in laws and enjoyed a delicious Easter lamb dinner. While we were there I discovered that I have been nominated for The MADS best food blog! To say I was gob smacked is an understatement. I haven't written a post about the awards so this was a real surprise!

Friday, 1 April 2016

Food Unwrapped with a2 Milk

You may remember that in the past I have worked with a2 milk. I have previously written a review on their cows milk with a difference. The difference with a2 milk is that it is real, natural cows milk, without the a1 protein. The a1 protein is what makes milk intolerable for so many people. But now, thanks to a2 they can now enjoy pure cows milk without the discomfort.

I am excited to tell you that tonight on Channel 4's Food Uncovered they will be talking about a2 milk. So tune in tonight at 8pm to learn more about a2 milk. I will be watching and tweeting all about it and will be writing a blog post next week about the research. I will even feature a recipe using a2 milk instead of cow milk!

You can follow me on Twitter at @k_phillipson and a2 milk at @a2MilkUK or follow the hashtags #a2milk and #foodunwrapped.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

New Panasonic L500 Slow Juicer Plus Recipes

When Panasonic contacted me about their new L500 Slow Juicer I was curious to see how it could be different to regular, high speed juicers. We already have a high speed juicer but due to the sheer size and bulkiness of the machine it has been tucked away in a cupboard! When I read that this was a more compact machine I knew that our kitchen really would put it to the test. We have a good sized kitchen, but lack on storage and worktops due to the shape of the room. So finding kitchen equipment that we will be able to have out, to hand, all of the time is a must and can be difficult.

When the parcel arrived the first thing that I noticed was that it was not a large box, this immediately pleased me. If the box is not large, the contents cannot be large!

Before I tell you how I got on using the Panasonic Slow Juicer, let me give you some technical information as well as what the benefits are of slow juicing as opposed to high speed juicing and why it is better for you. I will also be sharing with you an iced dessert, iced cocktail and a juice recipe!