Monday, 29 February 2016

Weekly Meal Plan - Week Commencing 29th February 2016

Last weeks meal plan went more or less to plan. I was expecting to have some leftovers from the stew but everyone had second so there were not any! The curry did get changed from a chicken curry to a fish curry. We have been enjoying less meat and just fancied fish instead of chicken.

Last weeks healthy eating did get abandoned. My depression medication is in the process of being changed. The doctor put me on one type which lead to an increase in appetite which was not great timing. But they have been changed today to a different type which should not have this effect, so I am hoping that I will be eating as normal this week. 

We are still enjoying more vegetable based meals and the children are becoming more adventurous with what they eat. Last week Isabella discovered that she loves kale and even though Taylor takes a long time he is eating well. Even fussy Joseph is doing really well!

This week I have gone back to receiving a weekly vegetable box. I find that getting these boxes encourages me to try new dish and experiment a bit more with our meals.

This is what we will be enjoying this week...

Week Commencing 29th February 2016

Monday - Lentil Cottage Pie

This has become a favourite in our house.The children are really enjoying lentil based meals. This dish is a great way to add extra goodness into a meal. This time instead of potato mash I am going to make a cauliflower mash.

Tuesday - Broad Bean Rice

In this weeks veg box I received a lot of broad beans so on Tuesday I will be using them along with some of the fennel and pak choi.

Wednesday - Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta

Pasta is a favourite in this house, especially with the children. This week I am going to be roasting some vegetables and then making a sauce to serve with pasta.

Thursday - Lamb and beans Stew

This week I am going to be making a lamb and bean stew. I have chosen lamb as I was amazed by all of the goodness that it contains after reading an article on it.

Friday - Vegetable Dhansak 

This is a recipe that I am looking forward to trying. It is one that I have seen on Slimming World so it will be a healthy recipe!

Saturday - Bean  Chilli

On Saturday I am planning to cook a bean chilli, some homemade guacamole and serve with rice and tortillas.

As always I am sharing my meal plan with At Home with Mrs M - Meal Planning Monday.

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  1. The pie sounds yummy. Do you have the recipe on your blog? x

  2. Everything sounds delicious! Have a great week x

  3. Yum to the lamb and bean chilli. Will we see a recipe?

  4. The meal plan sounds lovely! I do love my meat, but recently enjoyed a wonderful meal of vegetarian enchiladas, I didn't realise until my plate was half empty that I was eating Quorn meat! Made me realise I should try out more vegetarian based meal instead of favouring meat all the time. How are you getting on with your vegetable boxes? Sim xx

  5. It all sounds so good, I don't normally go for veggie dishes but they sound yum

  6. Great weekly meal plan, Kirsty !
    I will try Lamb and beans Stew recipe.


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