Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Sunday Times - A Paper for Everyone

The one thing that I always enjoy about getting a weekend paper is the magazine supplement. It allows us to both sit together as a couple reading what is going on in the world around us. I read the magazine while the Hubby reads the paper. Then we swap, or I read the travel section while the Hubby catches up on the sport.

This week The Sunday Times have launched their newly revamped magazine which I was excited to read! The magazine was first launched 54 years ago and was Britain's first, full colour newspaper magazine. Today, The Sunday Times Magazine has been given a make over with new writers and new sections so there really is something for everyone to read in just one magazine.

The first half of the magazine is dedicated to feature stories and interviews. This weekend features an interview with the stunning Dita Von Teese in her Hollywood home, how we can live well and the magazine's cover story all about the talented Taylor Swift. The How to Live Well article is all about The Life Project which was started in 1946. The article talks about how James Douglas began a child survey which followed the children as they grew up. Little did he know, at the time, that this project would change Britain and the world. A number of cohorts have come out over the years and a number of factors have come out about how you can live better. A few of the listed are to read to your children, make sure you exercise, mothers must eat well, if pregnant don't smoke and stick to bedtimes. These are all things that most of us take as common sense but a lot of this also came up almost 70 years ago. This article contains some thought provoking photography of the children like the one pictured below of children in Cardiff's deprived Tiger Bay in the 1950's.

The feature articles lead on to The Sunday Times newest magazine section, Life - Your Guide to Modern Living. This is the part of the magazine that I had been looking forward to reading. Here is where the Eating, Love, Body, Tech, Driving and other sections are.

Being the foodie that I am I flicked straight through to the Eating pages of the Life section and I was greeted by mouthwatering pictures of meals which I yearn to cook in my kitchen. Jamie Oliver shares his Southend Chowder which a a bowl of deliciously warming soup. Packed with potatoes, smoked bacon, cod and fresh cockles. This soup sounds like a perfect midweek meal to have with a fresh crusty loaf of bread. Florence Knight shares her Blood Orange and Rosemary Juice. She tells you how to prepare the rosemary syrup which will last for a few weeks. In this recipe it is paired with blood red oranges but it would also be ideal in a polenta cake or even a gin cocktail. This is followed by two more of Florence Knight's brunch recipes, Poached Eggs with Braised Leeks and Creme Fraiche and her Chestnut Pancakes, Bacon and Syrup. I am already planning a mid week lunch of Poached Eggs with Braised Leeks and Creme Fraiche! By spending a little time in the kitchen you can prepare and enjoy a more interesting lunch. Give me this any day instead of a sandwich!

Pursuing the eating theme, the next section moves on to AA Gill's review of the only restaurant on Savile Row, London, Sartoria and Damian Barr tells you what box sets you should be watching and what wine to drink while doing so. The Man in the High Castle is one of the programmes mentioned that we are currently watching. Now I also have an ideal wine to go with it!

Another favourite section for both the Hubby and I has to be the Driving column written by the one and only Jeremy Clarkson, I know that he is not everybody's cup of tea but we loved him in Top Gear and were disappointed to see him leave. So seeing that he now writes a weekly section in The Sunday Times Magazine means top motor reading on a weekly basis!

The Sunday Times Magazine is not the only added extra in the broadsheets Sunday edition. You also get a Style, Culture, Money, Sport and Travel along with the news from the UK and the rest of the world.

If you are looking for a Sunday newspaper that will contain something for all tastes then you will certainly find it within The Sunday Times. If the broadsheet newspaper is too large for you or you simply want to be able to access the news via your smart phone or tablet then you can always subscribe to receive a daily digital copy of The Times or you can just subscribe to just The Sunday Times. When I looked at The Times Subscription options I found packages that will suit all needs and requirements. For example you can subscribe for 12 weeks of digital publications for just £12, that is just £1 a week! I now have the daily subscription that I can access via the app on my phone and my tablet. As you can see below the content is of the highest digital quality! From now on I will be looking forward to reading The Sunday Times Magazine and relaxing with a coffee every Sunday morning!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. All words, views and opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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