Thursday, 18 February 2016

Slimmerseeker Thursday - Week 6

Welcome back to another week of Slimmerseeker!

Last week I mentioned how we are now going to be eating one meat and one fish meal a week and this week we have enjoyed more of a variety. Last week the Hubby finish a day early and over the weekend we did over indulge. On the Thursday night we enjoyed snacks and wine and on Friday we went out for a meal and I ate exactly what I wanted to, I even had bread! The weekend went on in fairly the same direction so I was not expecting any great changes in my weight this week. But in life you need to have a bit of time off and definitely need to enjoy some treats every now and then.

Before I tell you what my weigh in results were this week let me tell you about the other Slimmerseekers that joined in last week...

Kaila from Healthy Helper shared these delicious Gluten Free, Paleo Hawaiian Tuna Burgers that I really want to try. She also shared some inspirational and positive quotes as well as some great exercise routines!

Mrs Teapot enjoyed a treat of a doughnut and a coffee and still lost 1lb! Well done and welcome to Slimmerseeker!

Cheryl from Madhouse Reviews is enjoying a holiday but still maintained her weight. This is a huge achievement as I know when I am on holiday I certainly over indulge!

Progress not Perfection shared how the small successes really do make a big difference. They really should be noticed more!

I love seeing a great before and after picture. This week Sims Life shared her before and after picture and what a transformation! Well done, you are looking lovely!

Pempi's Palace shared how her hard work has been noticed by people commenting on her trimmer shape and had another loss! I am looking forward to hearing how she gets on with the Nordic walking!

Each week I love to read how you are getting on so thank you for joining in with Slimmerseeker Thursday.

I have found out today that I am going to be working with a company who supply weight loss supplements of drinks and multi vitamins. I am planning to keep all of my meals in place and just use the drink when I fancy a snack. I am hoping that they will help me to stop snacking which has always been my down fall. When I receive the products I will tell you how I am getting on and how you can incorporate these products into a healthy diet and not by using them as a meal replacement! I cannot wait to tell you if they actually do what they say. Believe me I will be giving an honest review and before and after pictures!

Now on the my results. This week there was no surprise. This week I put on 1lb. I am ok with this as we had food out and did over indulge. Plus only putting on 1lb means I have still lost 1 stone!
  • Start weight 04/01/16 - 14 st
  • Weigh in one 11/01/16 - Loss of 6lbs - 13 st 8 lbs
  • Weigh in two 18/01/16 - Loss of 2lbs - 13 st 6 lbs
  • Weigh in three 25/01/16 - Loss of 3lbs - 13 st 3 lbs
  • Weigh in four 01/02/16 - Loss of 1lb - 13 st 2 lbs
  • Weigh in five 08/02/16 - Loss of 3lbs - 12st 13lbs
  • Weigh in six 15/02/16 - Gain 1lb - 13 st
Now over to you, I cannot wait to hear how your week has been. If you have any weight loss, health, fitness posts or healthy recipes feel free to link up and join a supportive group! Just add the badge below, comment of my post and some of the others and support each other.

Hijacked By Twins

Sharing with Madhouse Reviews Sunday Weigh In and Weightloss Wednesday with Sims Life and Beth in a Box.

Sim's Life


  1. That's going to be me on my next weigh-in ... it was my daughter's birthday which meant a meal out plus two birthday cakes (one on the day, one with family) so I know it'll be a gain but that's all part of life. In the future, I'll remember the meal out and the cake but not what the scales said so it's definitely worth it ! :)

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my tuna burgers!!

  3. wow a stone down in 6 weeks, that is fabulous! I have managed to lose 2 lbs since Jan 1st, it is very tricky for me (thyroid issues are the cause I think)

  4. A stone is awesome work, well done! We're all allowed off weeks, I find that's what keeps me going sometimes; a week where I relax and just enjoy food.
    Good luck for this week!

  5. a stone in 6 weeks is amazing, so a 1lb gain isnt bad and I think a little gain is ok if you had a nice time having a treat!

  6. Thank you for including me in your round up!xx
    Have to agree that you need to give yourself some time off on occasion and give yourself a treat. Losing a stone already is amazing, something to be proud of and something to work on. Hope you are having a lovely week, thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday Sim xx

  7. 1lb on when you have managed to lose over a stone in 6 weeks is nothing to get hung up on and thank you for including me in your round up :) Here's to a successful week to us all! Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace


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