Thursday, 11 February 2016

Slimmerseeker Thursday - Week 5

This week has seen another weigh in and another successful week. I am also delighted that I have leaped over my first hurdle.

Today I want to talk a little bit about diets. When I say diets, I do not mean slimming diets, I mean the way we eat in general.

Wow it can be so confusing! Knowing what to do to be right, what really is best for your health. There are so many conflicting opinions!

You may remember that I have said that we were trying different ways of eating. We have been trying a more vegan, plant based diet but after reading further into what health benefits there are from meat and fish it really has got me confused as to what is the best way to eat. What really is the way to eat for optimum health benefits?

After a lot of discussions with the hubby and wanting what is the best diet for the children we have decided that we will be eating meat and fish but keeping it at one meat dish a week and one fish dish and have the remaining meals as vegetarian. But when it comes to buying meat I will be sourcing it from local farm shops where the meat is reared locally and can be traced 100%. We will be following a clean eating diet which is one that we both believe in and do already part follow. We are going to cut out heavily processed foods and try and limit ingredient lists on products to just 5 ingredients. This will not be hard with regard to our main meals as I already cook our food from scratch but with the children's treats I will be more strict. If they want cakes and biscuits I will bake them! Yes it will mean more kitchen time for me, but I am not complaining!

Before I tell you this weeks results let me tell you a bit about some of the posts that were shared with Slimmerseeker Thursday last week...

1 - Cheryl from Madhouse Family Reviews told us how she had maintained last week but has been exercising more which increases muscle. So if the numbers don't show a loss you will feel more toned!

2 - Emma from Life According to Mrs Shilts shared her amazing transformation from the start of her weight loss journey. After another great week and a loss of 1.5 lbs Emma has now lost a whopping 5 stone 3lbs since August 2014!

3 - Kaila from Healthy Helper shared 19 delicious nut recipes. Sometimes nuts are a forgotten food when it comes to slimming but they are packed with protein and good fats. Eaten in moderation they are a nutritious part of your diet.

4 - Michelle from Progress not Perfection shared a thought provoking passage from the Bible that really does make you think about the way we should view our bodies. This also led to a great loss of 2lbs last week!

Each week I love to read how you have been getting on and your inspirational posts so thank you for joining in.

This week I have reached and crossed my first hurdle. I got my second badge from Slimming World!

This week I have had a loss of 3lbs which means I have crossed the 1 stone mark!
  • Start weight 04/01/16 - 14 st
  • Weigh in one 11/01/16 - Loss of 6 lbs - 13 st 8 lbs
  • Weigh in two 18/01/16 - Loss of 2 lbs - 13 st 6 lbs
  • Weigh in three 25/01/16 - Loss of 3 lbs - 13 st 3 lbs
  • Weigh in four 01/02/16 - Loss of 1lb - 13 st 2 lbs
  • Weigh in five 08/02/16 - Loss of 3lbs - 12st 13lbs
Now over to you. Feel free to link up any weight loss, health related, fitness posts and any healthy recipes you may have, both old and new welcome. 

Here is to a good week!

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  1. Well done on your loss and good luck with your new eating plan.
    You're so right that there's so much conflicting information on what is healthy and what is not. I tend to go by the old "everything in moderation" saying.

  2. Since I started Slimming World, I have definitely thought more about the foods I eat. It made me realise my diet before was almost 90% processed!! Congrats on your 1 stone award #WeightLossWednesday

  3. Yay, well done on breaking through the 1 stone mark - that's a huge achievement :) I think your eating plan sounds very healthy and very doable too. I'll be interested to see how you get on with the kids ! xx

  4. Big well done, doesn't it feel amazing to move into that next stone bracket and ood luck with your new way of eating. Mich x

  5. Well done on your loss and hitting 1 stone!

  6. Awww love, well done on hitting your 1 stone mark, that is fantastic and will keep you spurred on! Fantastic news! You have certainly given me food for thought about an all round general diet. I have just come home from a fellow bloggers house where I ate vegetarian enchiladas for dinner... it was only half way through the meal that I actually realised. Would I have it again... absolutely! I am liking your idea of a 1 x meat and 1 x fish night a week and buying locally sourced meat from the butchers. It will make all the difference. Looking forward to seeing how you get on and thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday and allowing me to link up too! Hope to see you again this week! Sim xx

  7. Congratulations on hitting that 1 stone loss already. I am also liking your way of thinking with the one day meat, one day fish - vegetarian the rest - that could work if I find some different veggie dishes for me this week. Super post :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace


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