Saturday, 6 February 2016

31st January - 6th February 2016 - One Picture Everyday For One Year

This week has been a bit of a funny week. My mood has not been great due to running out of my regular tablets and having to double up on some old ones it really did knock me a bit. To say that I am pleased that the week is over is a bit of an understatement. Now on to a new week and a better week!

This week there has been foodie pictures, exciting holiday plans and the heart warming twins.

Here is my week in pictures...

Sunday 31st January 2016

Sunday was our usual relax and potter about day. On Sunday I thought that I would plan a few posts but when I got to this page I found that a little someone, Isabella, had added some plans of her own.

Monday 1st February 2016

You may remember that I mentioned that I tried having a cleaner, vegan week last week. Well I am delighted to say that it has continued on! I am not going to be 100% vegan as I do like cheese and eggs but I have not missed meat so am not eating it at the moment. On Monday I decided to make the twins some baked beans instead of using a tin of beans. My Full of Goodness Baked Beans were a success and will definitely be enjoyed again.

Tuesday 2nd February 2016

On Tuesday Laura from Tired Mummy of Two, who are Carnival's Funseeker Family, informed us that there are under 200 days to go until we set sail on their new ship Vista. This got the holiday excitement going so I sat and looked at all of the different excursions. I am in a process of writing an excursions post but it is taking me longer than I thought to select a few favourites!

Wednesday 3rd February 2016

To get the holiday excitement going even more, Wednesday was time to go and get the twins their first passport photographs taken.

Thursday 4th February 2016

Thursday was a dark day. I will admit that I even struggled to get motivated to get dress and do the school run. But I did push myself and even walked the school run. I am pleased to say that days like Thursday are few and far between these days but when they do hit I really do notice and I remember that the depression and anxiety is never far away.

Friday 5th February 2016

On Friday the twins enjoyed trying these delicious new snacks from Cow and Gate.

Saturday 6th February 2016

On Saturday if felt like we did not stop all day. It was manic! After a visit to see the Hubby's mum and dad we went to my mum and dads to celebrate my lovely nieces 3rd birthday. She is such a little treasure and the twins love playing with her.

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  1. I'm forever find children's notes in my papers or on my books. I've found I really like discovering these little surprises :)

  2. How did the photo's go in the booth? I took my toddler to have his done recently but a photographer did them at max speilmann as noway would he sit there in a booth, he has ants in his pants!

    1. They did do really well. The seat didn't go high enough hence why they had to kneel on the seat. They loved it and are getting so excited for holiday x

  3. My girls have been asking for beans on toast next week so I am going to give your beans a try....
    Lovely photos! x

  4. Ooh, sounds like a lovely holiday you've got to look forward to! Did the passport photos come out ok? #project366

  5. I am going to try those beans! Great you have a holiday to look forward to.

  6. awww Kirsty I am sorry to hear that you have had a rough week - as you say, you survived and now onwards and upwards.
    Those beans look yummy and how exciting that your holiday is less than 200 days away!!!! yay x

  7. How exciting about passports. I must get N one done (and renew mine and the OH's, not that we ever go anywhere!).

    Hopefully the bad weather won't continue too much longer, so we can make the most of the lighter mornings and evenings.

  8. Those beans look very tasty! So exciting that you've got such a great holiday to look forward to.

  9. I now have a craving for baked beans! I am so envious of your holiday, you are going to have such an amazing time #MyCapturedMoment

  10. Another week of great memories! Those beans look amazing and how exciting that you'll be off on that ship soon, it'll be here before you know it! Thank you so much for joining #MyCapturedMoment xxx

  11. OOOhhh at the upcoming foreign holiday.
    Hope Isabella's plans were good ones and you all enjoyed
    The beans sound nice

  12. I will have to try out your beans! Your upcoming holiday sounds exciting. I hope you got your tablets sorted out! Thanks for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky x

  13. Gosh you are brave doing the photos in a booth! I had to go to a Kodak shop and get my girls done as they wouldn't sit still enough haha! Thanks for joining in #HappyDaysLinky x


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