Thursday, 7 January 2016

Slimmerseeker Thursday - Starting Week!

As you may already know we have got an important summer holiday to go on this year! Last year we were selected as Carnival Cruise's Foodieseeker Family. That means we will be going on our first summer holiday abroad as a family of five!

Before the twins arrived I regularly went abroad and loved lazing by the pools and exploring unknown countries. Before the twins arrived I was slim and owned more bikinis than I can remember. Back then I was confident about my body. But after having children your body changes. As I was so big during my twin pregnancy by body and shape changed a lot!

Now I have zero body confidence.

I did gain back a lot of my confidence last year after doing the Juice Plus programme but as soon as I stopped and started to eat again the weight went back on and my body confidence went tumbling back down. Before I started having problems with my back I was regularly attending a keep fit class and started to see the weight coming off and was at the fittest that I have been in a long time. Then disaster struck and my back started to play up. This led me to feeling down, unable to walk far and yes I comfort ate! As my mobility was minimal the weight came on. Now I am at my heaviest and I am not happy about it. My body confidence has vanished and I love nothing more than hiding under a big baggy jumper to hide my body.

Now I want to change and I have a goal!

I want to loose weight, improve my fitness and feel confident to wear a swim suit while cruising through the Mediterranean. I want to wear pretty little summer dresses and skirts. I want to not only look good but I want to feel confident. I want to be happy to be in our holiday pictures and I want to like what I see.

Thank you Carnival for giving me the fighting spirit back!

So what am I going to do to achieve my goal? Well I have a few strategies in place and I want to tell you more and make Slimmerseeker Thursday a regular post to keep me going and to motivate me further.

Here are my Slimmerseeker, Project Swimsuit plans...

I have 3 food and fitness plans that I started on Monday this week. I set myself the target to start on the first Monday of the new year. A new week a new start!

My 3 food and fitness plans are Thinking SlimmerSlimming World and doing a daily workout with the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.

My weigh in day is going to be Monday. In the past I have made it later in the week to allow weekend treats. I think that this has a been my down fall in the past. As I haven't been weighing until later in the week I have not followed my eating plans at the weekends. This has often dragged out into the week. So this time I am being strict with myself, I am following the plan as I should to loose weight.

I have started listening to my Slimpod before I go to sleep. The Slimpod comes from Thinking Slimmer. It is a clinically proven way to loose weight naturally. By listening to the Slimpod for a minimum of 21 days the way you think about food and eating is changed. This will inevitably lead to eating healthier and loosing weight. The changes come naturally and the aim is to make permanent changes that become part of your lifestyle in a natural way.

Finally my first fitness challenge will be the 30 Day Shred. I decided to try this fitness plan after seeing Kelly from More Than Just a Mummy get fantastic results. I always like to see first hand results and knowing that someone I know is seeing results gives me the confidence that I too, will get results. So far I have completed 3 days and wow does she work you hard! The workout is 27 minutes from warm up to the cool down and you are going the whole time. Day one I did struggle, day 2 I enjoyed but was in agony after. Today, day 3, was still painful, but (fingers crossed) not as bad!

Next week I will be back and I am hoping that after my first week I will have some success. So I hope that you will join me on my journey of rediscovering me.

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  1. Good on you for having a great plan. Thinking Slimmer didn't work for me the 3 times I tried it. It just made me hungrier, but I seem to be an anomaly - I don't think they could work out why it wouldn't work for me. 30 Day Shred - hardcore. I love that it's 30 minutes, and works up to harder levels, and even if you do the lower love you still feel like you're working out. I ended up with shin splints on level 1, but found level 3 easier than level 2 which was a killer. I might have to try it again if I can work out where I've put my dvd. I need more of a bottom half exercise plan though - I find Jillians is a lot of upper body - no bingo wings left at the end of it though.

    Good luck with it.


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