Monday, 7 December 2015

Weekly Meal Plan - Week Commencing 7th December 2015

Another Monday is here and it is time for my Weekly Meal Plan. I cannot believe that the children only have two weeks left at school until they break up for the Christmas holidays. This term has flown by, as has the year!

A few weeks ago we began to eat more meat free meals during the week and I have been delighted with the response from everyone. We are continuing to have only two out of five weekday meals with meat. This has not only varied the children's diet but has also given me a challenge cooking the meals. I am trying new foods and experimenting more with new meals. If I have found that the family do not like a vegetable I have enjoyed the challenge of finding a way that they do like it. Aubergine is a perfect example of this problem. Nobody really liked it when it was cooked with the skin on, however when I remove the skin, it blends in with the other vegetables and everybody eats it without realising. I did feel quite smug when I saw them all enjoying a vegetable which they thought they disliked! Keep an eye out for more vegetarian recipes! Last week I shared a variety of healthy dinners, baking with the twins and a delicious, super quick to make cake.

Now back to my Weekly Meal Plan. Last weeks meal plan did not go to plan. The twins were poorly with a tummy bug so the curry was not made as I did not want to make it worse. Instead we had roast lemon chicken and couscous. The vegetable lasagne turned into a vegetable pasta dish as it was easier and the fish pie, again, was replaced with a treat. After having a busy couple of days with the twins at home we decided to make life easier and I went shopping for a Marks and Spencer meal deal! This is starting to turn into our Friday night treat!

This week we will be having three out of six meals as meat free dishes. This is what we will be enjoying this week...

Week Commencing 7th December 2015


Vegetable and Lentil Lasagne - This is a meal that I have been meaning to cook for a couple of weeks now. It can be quite a time consuming meal to cook so I will make sure that I start iin plennty of time. I am planning to share tthis recipe once I have made it!


Chicken Korma - I have got some korma paste to try so on Tuesday we will be having a chiken korma served with rice.


Mushroom Quinoa Risotto - We love risotto and risotto is always my 'go to meal' if I ever forget to take meat out of the freezer or I am short of time. Recently we have been eating more quinoa and really do enjoy it as a change for rice.


Beef Hotpot - I have got a small joint of beef in my freezer and quite a few root vegetables to use up so I will be combining them all in a good old hotpot dinner!


Friday Treat - This week I will be getting us a delicious meal from Marks and Spencer


As we did not have fish pie last week I will be making it for Saturday evening.

Do you have your meals planned for the week? What will you be enjoying?

I hope you have a great week x

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