Monday, 28 December 2015

Leftover Turkey Recipes

Now that Christmas is over and we are now looking towards new years eve I thought that I would share with you a few of my favourite leftover turkey recipes instead of a meal plan. You know that I love to meal plan but this week I am stepping back and enjoying some time with my family so we will decide together what we will have.

One thing that I do love about Christmas dinner is the leftover turkey. I always enjoy the challenge of revamping the leftovers into a new, delicious meal.

Here are some of my favourite, past leftover turkey recipes...

Christmas Curry is a must! We always enjoy a good old leftover curry. The beauty of this dish is that you can add anything that you have got leftover. The more leftovers the better, add meat, add vegetables even add leftover stuffing!

My Creamy Chicken and Chorizo can easily be made with leftover turkey instead of chicken. This meal is so full of flavour. It really will become a family favourite!

My Chicken and Mushroom Pie is another meal that can be made with turkey as a substitute. This meal is so quick and easy to make.

This Leftover Turkey Bake is great if you have any vegetables left after Christmas day. Simply place all of the ingredients in a roasting tray, add a little oil and roast away!

These are just a few recipes that I know I would love to make with our leftovers.

My Weekly Meal Plan will be back, as normal, next week. I look forward to 2016 being full of new ideas and new meals!

Hope you have a happy and healthy new year x

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