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How To Make Your Gift Stand Out This Christmas

We are so blessed to be able to give and receive during the holiday season. Instead of spending money on items your loved ones may or may not enjoy, spend your hard-earned money on gifts they’ll truly appreciate, and make this Christmas the best you’ve ever had with your family and friends.

Here are my top tips for a successful Christmas...

Shop Early

If you want to ensure you have the best gifts this holiday season, don’t wait until the last second to head out to the mall or hop online. After Thanksgiving passes the weeks fly by, and Christmas Eve will be here before you know it. By shopping early, you can ensure you peruse the best selection, and if you are ordering online, you’ll have a better chance of securing your items arrive soon in the weeks ahead—meaning more time to wrap and less time to stress. Half of the excitement of Christmas is the buildup, at least for me and my family, and it’s always fun to have presents sitting under the tree in the weeks leading up to the big reveal.


If you really want something unique to wrap up, consider doing a DIY gift for all the names on your list that you know they won’t get from anyone else. If you have a streak of creativity, use it to your advantage and create a gift they’ll never expect but always cherish. Perhaps you can create a photo collage of all the wonderful times you’ve had with your other half, or send it to Shutterfly so they can do it for you and make your vision a reality. If you’re a culinary god or goddess, consider whipping up a large batch of your tastiest concoction and syphoning it into small containers as a thoughtful and delicious holiday treat for all of your colleagues.

Wrapping Styles

Want your presents to stand out in the crowd even after they’re placed under the Christmas tree? Give your wrapping a little more thought and effort this year. Brown Kraft paper wrapped up in beautiful twine is classy and elegant, and you can slide in a sprig of Christmas holly to make it seasonally appropriate. Perhaps you want a little more flash with your gifts this year. Use reflective, metallic paper wrapping that will catch the twinkling lights of the tree and call to its recipient at first sight. If you’d like to get even more creative, you can make your own wrapping paper like I did.

Make it Personal

PersonalisedChristmas gifts are the way to go for an item they definitely won’t find anywhere else. Wall art featuring your family’s name will be hung with pride, a mug detailing the reasons you love your husband will be used every morning for his daily cup of coffee, customised shirts with funny phrases are sure to delight, and etched kitchenware detailing your children’s names will make your grandmother smile every time she works in the kitchen.

Experiences Instead of Materials

Make your gift stand out by avoiding a material item. Plan an event for your loved one to attend that you know they’ll adore. Maybe it’s an upcoming concert, or a travelling theatre performance they’ve been talking about since they last saw it. Place the tickets in an envelope and write the recipient’s name on it. Add it to the Christmas trimming—it will definitely stand out against green branches and opulent ornaments.

Date Night with a Twist

Give all of the couples in your family a date night, with a fancy twist. Instead of the normal restaurant gift card, consider a gift certificate to a luxury movietheatre that serves alcohol and dinner, all in the comfort of a recliner chair. This sounds like a perfect date night! Christmas sees many Hollywood blockbusters released, so they’ll have plenty of cinematic masterpieces to choose from. If you live in the same town, offer to watch their kids on the night they decide to use your gift for a double-whammy present that they’ll be more than grateful for.

Start the Year off Right

Gifts that fulfil a practical purpose, and that you know your loved ones really want,  will be received with open arms. Consider buying healthy gift items that will help them fulfil their new year’s resolutions. If they’ve been looking to get back into a fitness routine, a gym membership could be the catalyst they need. Even better get them a Fitbit. It will encourage them to stay on track with food. and can encourage a bit of healthy competition! Whatever you choose, helping them get healthy is a gift anyone can appreciate.

But what is most important of all, is that you are happy and grateful and are with the people that you love and mean the most to you.

Here is to a fantastic Christmas holiday and to a happy and healthy new year x 

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