Thursday, 10 December 2015

#BlogItForward - Giving To Those Less Fortunate

When I read Penny Alexander's post about #BlogItForward I knew that I had to take part. Sometimes it easy to get wrapped up in life and we do not always appreciate what we have got. But when I read this post about giving back a bit at Christmas it got me thinking. What could we do to to give something back? Then one day when we were walking into our local Tesco store the perfect opportunity was stood in front of us. The day that we went they were promoting a collection for the local food bank.

This was our way to give back.

I go to the supermarket various times a week. Whenever I look in the cupboard and realise that I am missing an ingredient I pop out, every time we start to run out of milk or bread I jump in the car and go straight to the shops without a second thought. But when I saw that the local food bank was collecting for Christmas it did get me thinking.

How must it be if you see that the food is running low but there is no money to buy more?

What would happen if you did not know how you would pay for the next weeks shopping?

I really do not know what I would do and I am thankful for that.

So for my BlogItForward post when we went to pick up a few items, I took a shopping list and did two lots of shopping, one for us and one for the food bank. When I suggested it to the hubby he said that he had also thought about doing a bag of shopping for them. This was the shopping list that they gave me.

While we were shopping I picked various items up coffee, sugar, squash, fruit juice, shampoo, shower gel, cereals, UHT milk and custard. When the children asked me why we had some items in bags and some not bagged I explained to them that there were people in the world that were less fortunate than us and that the food was to help them. As the twins are only three all they wanted to know was who was going to eat the big box of biscuits. So I explained the best I could. I told them that there were families that did not have the pennies to buy biscuits so we were buying some for them as a Christmas gift and they understood that.

But this got me thinking even more.

We have done this for Christmas, that is just one time of the year, but there are people that need the help all year round. I would like to add something to the food bank trolley every month.

That is how I am going to BlogItForward.

Not just in December. I am going to add items off this shopping list once a month. We do not have a lot of money, we get by on what we have, but we are a lot better off than some others. We have a roof over our heads, we have a warm house and we have food on the table whenever we want it, our cupboards are always full. I make sure of that. Being a foodie blogger I am always cooking and baking food. It really is something that we take for granted but writing this post has made me realise how extremely lucky we are. While I was shopping and thinking about this I decided to add a couple of Christmas items that were not on the list to help make a families Christmas a little better and a little easier.

Neighbourhood Food Collection

With every donation made at Tesco they will top it all up by 30%. The extra 30% is made in a monetary donation to the charities The Trussell Trust and Fare Share which are two charities that help support people who find themselves in desperate need of support.

But that is not all, because I have written this BlogItForward post Wayfair will be donating £50 to Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity support people all over the world who are affected by disaster and poverty. They assist them to build new homes or rebuild their homes after a disaster. Habitat for Humanity have been helping people and families since 1976, during this time they have helped 5 million people to live in a safer and better home. Home really is where the heart is and Habitat for Humanity understand how powerful a home is, that is why they help the poorest and most vulnerable people get themselves out of poverty by helping them to build their homes which inevitably helps to improve communities.

So next time you are shopping in Tesco, look for a donation trolley and pick up a couple of items. The cost of the items could be just pence but they could mean the world to someone.

If you are a blogger and would like to BlogItForward you can, it is simple. Write a blog post about how you have given something back this month and by adding the Wayfair badge to your post you will be donating £50 to Habitat for Humanity. If 100 bloggers write a post that is a huge £5000 to help. So, come on, give something, write a blog and show how the blogging community can help to make a difference to lives! Visit Wayfair for more details!

Thank you and merry Christmas x



  1. There are so many opportunities to perform acts of kindness aren't there, this is such a good one- thanks for joining in!

  2. I have promised I will take big man shopping for the food bank tomorrow as Daddy forgot to give in some bits when they went last week. Will pop a post up too! X

    1. That is great Louise, the more of us that join in the more money we can help raise x


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