Thursday, 17 December 2015

Thrifty Christmas Thursday - Money Saving Drinks

At Christmas time we all indulge in food and drinks. This includes alcohol. It is the ideal time of year to treat yourself to an extra special bottle of wine and to get out the champagne or prosecco. But we all know that this can often be the most expensive part of Christmas. But thankfully with Aldi this is not the case!

Along with their cut price food you will also find cut price alcohol. I have found some fantastic bargains and today I am going to share them with you!


When you look at my list you can probably get the feel for the sort of wine I like. I appreciate a good bottle of red wine and can be quite fussy with my wine. But the three bottles of red that I have chosen will not disappoint. Each one is a full of flavour wine but has a surprisingly low cost.

The first one that I chose was the Marques de Carrion 2009 Reserva Rioja. This wine is priced at just £8.99. The Marques de Carrion is part of Aldi's "Exquisite Red Collection" and I completely understand why. This wine is so full of flavour and goes perfectly with a cheeseboard.

The next wine that I chose was the Baron Amarillo which is another Rioja reserva from the year 2010. I was amazed to see that this reserva was just £5.29! In some restaurants you pay that just for a large glass! This is a multi award winning wine and I would urge any red wine drinker to try this bargain bottle. Believe me it certainly does not taste like a cheap wine!

The last bottle of wine that I selected costs even less! I chose the Toro Loco Tempranillo wine. This bottle costs just £3.49 and is yet another multi award winning wine. The Toro Loco is more of an everyday wine but is so smooth it would go with any food and we really did enjoy it. 

When it came to white wine I was a little stuck. We are not white wine drinkers so I cannot give you my personal choices as I have done with the reds but here are a selection of white wine that Aldi recommends.

To end your delicious Christmas dinner a good dessert wine or post is the ideal finale. We decided to try a Muscat this year and went for Muscat Saint-Jean de Minervois. It is another bottle that has the Exquisite Collection label and at just £4.99 you cannot go wrong!

On to Prosecco!

I love a good bottle of Prosecco and would much rather have Prosecco to Champagne. Not only is there a huge difference in price but I prefer the sweeter taste of Prosecco. Aldi have a great selection of both Prosecco and Champagne for Christmas all at fantastic prices. Their Champagne prices start at just £10.99 which is a great price for Champagne. I decided to go for the Belletti Prosecco Spumante DOC. This is a deliciously soft and fruity Prosecco that is perfect on its own or with orange juice to make a bucks fizz. The Belletti Prosecco costs just £5.49!

With this selection of wines you will be able to cater to  all tastes and all budgets.

Aldi also have a great selection of spirits and beers. If you are looking for a gin to have as a long drink with tonic water or to use in cocktails then Aldi's Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin is perfect. We paid just £13.99 for a litre bottle of gin. If, like me, you prefer a short drink of gin with a little ice and a wedge of lime then keep an eye out for Whitley Neill. Whitley Neill gin is a small batch gin which can sometimes be hard to find in supermarkets. When we have bought it in the past it has been priced between £24.99 and £29.99 so when we saw it for just £19.99 at Aldi we had to get some!

At Christmas time you find Bailey's everywhere and at various prices and offers. Aldi stock the Ballycastle Irish Cream and it is exactly the same as Baileys but a fraction of the price. We paid just £3.75 for a bottle that would cost us double the price if we had gone for Baileys. So if you are looking to buy an Irish cream this Christmas I would definitely recommend that you go for a botlle of Ballycastle and save some money!

As well as wines and spirits Aldi also stock a wide range of beers from all over Europe. But we decided to stick with some good old British ales. The Wychwood Bah Humbug Ale is the perfect ale for the men in the house!

These are just a few samples of what drinks Aldi have on offer this Christmas. To see their full selection visit Aldi - Christmas Drinks or call into your local store.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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