Thursday, 10 December 2015

Thrifty Christmas Thursday - Desserts and Sweet Treats

This week has to be my one of my favourite weeks. This week I am focusing on desserts and sweet treats. Christmas foods would not be complete without some delicious sweet treats. I always say that for the week over Christmas and new year the diet gets put to one side and I enjoy eating all of the sweetness that Christmas has to offer. I am delighted to say that Aldi are certainly not short on the sweet treats and desserts! They stock your regular mince pies and Christmas puddings but also have so many of the traditional European breads and cakes too, and all at a great price.

As you can probably imagine I was spoilt for choice when it came to deciding which desserts and sweet treats to feature this week, there were so many! But I did manage to narrow it down. Here are the desserts and sweet treats that I would recommend!


Christmas pudding is a must have in our house and I will admit to being quite particular when it comes to choosing our Christmas pudding with it being the dessert centre piece. For me a pudding must have plenty of good quality, plump fruit along with nuts for that extra taste. Aldi's Specially Selected Golden Topped Christmas Pudding has a blend of vine fruits, almonds and pecans that have been soaked in an orange liqueur, brandy and port. Just by reading the ingredients you know that this is going to be a full of flavour and moist pudding. To give the pudding the real wow factor for the centre piece Aldi have given their Christmas pudding a true festive finish. The pudding has a topping of glace orange slices wrapped around the sides of the pudding and topped with black and red glace cherries, whole dried cherries and while almonds and finished with a sparkle of edible gold glitter!

For anyone who does not like Christmas pudding or if you would like to have a second pudding for the evening Aldi has a delicious range of frozen cheesecakes. With them being frozen you can buy them during the run up to Christmas as and when you can afford them. I decided to tell you about my two favourite cheesecakes. I chose the Specially Selected Lemon and Mascarpone Cheesecake and Specially Selected Winter Fruits Cheesecake. The Lemon and Mascarpone Cheesecake is a large one so there will be plenty to go around whereas the Winter Fruit Cheesecakes come in a box of two mini cheesecakes. Both sound absolutely delicious, hence why I selected them both!

Sweet Treats

Every Christmas we love to get some of the traditional Italian breads and cakes. Unfortunately they can often be quite expensive in comparison to other Christmas treats. That is why I was delighted to see that Aldi had them in stock and they were cheaper than most of the major supermarkets. We were really spoilt for choice and left with a lot of sweet treats! These were our favourite breads and cakes.

Pandoro is a light, sweet, golden Italian Christmas bread that has been crafted in the Italian countryside. It comes in the box as a solid star shaped loaf but has a bag of icing sugar and instructions on how to create your own Pandoro tree. You simply cut the Pandoro into 4 slices, using a bread knife. Restack the slices in the same size order, twisting each one slightly so that they are no longer lined up. This will give you the Christmas tree effect. Finally, sprinkle with icing sugar to decorate. I can guarantee that it will not be looking like a Christmas tree for long, This cake is so utterly moreish it keeps you coming back for more!

Panettone is another must have for us. This sweet Italian, butter bread loaf. It is perfect with a cup of coffee or simply on its own. 

We love Stollen at Christmas, the combination of fruits and marzipan are just irresistible! This is a traditional German sweet which has been crammed with rich cherries, marzipan, almonds and spices. Aldi's Specially Selected Stollen bites have also been laced with Jamaican rum to give them that extra kick of flavour! With them being bite size they are the ideal size to go on a saucer with a cup of ground coffee.

Classic Panforte is a luxurious Tuscan almond cake that has been filled with whole almonds and candied citrus peel and honey. In the past I have known Panforte to be quite a hard cake whereas the Specially Selected Traditional Classic Panforte from Aldi is not too hard, it is just right. Beautifully covered with crystal white icing sugar and finished with a Panforte sugar paper wrap this not only looks great on a serving table but also tastes amazing!

Finally, chocolates are an essential part of Christmas. You will be guaranteed to find in most houses a selection of chocolates that have either been bought or received as a gift. Aldi have a wide range of chocolates available. From Toffifee to liqueurs from chocolate coins to truffles. Aldi have them all. Here are my favourites.

Whatever dessert or sweet treat you are looking for this Christmas I would definitely recommend having a look in Aldi. There you will find tasty, cheaper alternatives!

Next week will be a fun week! Next week I will be telling you about Aldi's Christmas alcohol and soft drinks. Believe me there is a lot to show you so keep an eye out for how to save money when buying your alcohol this Christmas!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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