Friday, 13 November 2015

Catering for the Party Season

We all know that the party season is almost upon us. So I thought that I would write a post telling you how to make catering easier. This will include my tops tips for the food and drink, but also for the all important serving plates, cups, cutlery and how you can make your life so much easier!

These are my top tips and how I am going to cater for the parties that are on the way!

Plates and Table Settings

In the past when I have catered for birthday parties, summer barbecues and Christmas I have used my regular plates, bowls and cutlery. This not only means that I run out of serving platters and we all have different style plates but, wow, the dirty pots at the end of the party certainly so stack up! This year I am planning to do things differently. 

This year I will be looking at catering supplies for plates, serving platters and cups. Catering supplies are available in various designs, colours and styles and are so much better that they used to be. I have found them to be a great way to ensure that, even if you have a lot of guests, everybody will have matching plates, bowls, cups and even wines glasses!

As you can see from my photograph above, you can get everything that you will need in a coordinating design. I love this Italian inspired design in gold. Within this range you can buy three different sized plates, cups, table cloths, napkins, cutlery and even place cards if you are planning a more formal, sit down occasion. Not only do they have a lovely, classy look to them, but they are so practical! There are all of the sizes that you may need available, you can ensure that you have enough for all of your guests and there are no plates to wash at the end of the party! So when everyone has finished eating, you are not stuck in the kitchen washing up or loading the dishwasher you can join the party knowing that everything is done!


With regards to the food, this really does depend on what sort of entertaining that you are going to be doing. If you are planning a finger food buffet then a selection of sandwiches, salad, nibbles, fruit and cake are a must!

If you are planning to have an easier buffet without all of the fuss of preparation then there are always options of ordering food. If this is what you would like to do, as we are on Christmas eve, Marks and Spencer have an amazing selection of buffets and party food that you can order, simply reheat and serve! Us mums also deserve an easier night every now and then!

If you are planning more of a sit down meal then you cannot go wrong with a good roast dinner with all of the trimmings. My favourites would be chicken, slow cooked beef or a steak dinner!

Cakes and Desserts

All parties must have delicious cakes and desserts.

That really is a must!

When it comes to deciding what cake or dessert to serve I could go on and on. But when I sat down and thought what cakes had been the biggest success with not just me, but with guests, I thought that the following sweet treats could help you out. I know that I will be making and serving some over the party season!

First it has to be this Apple and Blackberry trifle style pudding. All parties should have a trifle!

With the three cakes above you are sure to please everyone! There is the almond cake with a cashew and almond praline topping for the nut lovers. There is the chocolate mint cake for the chocoholics then there is the light and pretty white chocolate and raspberry cake which will win any guest over!


Drinks can often be just as important as the food. Making sure you have the right drinks to go with the food can often be difficult. If you are serving wine with the food the easiest way to ensure the ideal pairing is to simply check the label on the wines. You will often find pairing notes for which food goes best with the wine. I always serve red wine with red meats, but then I find that white wines go better with poultry and fish. You can find wine pairing guides on the internet. It is also important that you have non alcoholic options too for any drivers that may be visiting. I do love a glass of Shloer instead of wine!

These are my top tips for food, drinks and place setting. The only other tip that is needed is the tip that is probably the most important. 

Have fun!

That is what is important, having fun with the people that you love and make memories that will last a lifetime. That is why using catering supplies is top of my list. When everybody has finished eating it will only take a couple of minutes to throw all of the used items in the bin. Thus giving you extra time to be with the important people in your life!

Enjoy the party season x

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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