Sunday, 29 November 2015

22nd November - 28th November 2015 - One Picture Everyday For One Year

This week has been so busy and has flown by. The Christmas feeling has started to enter our house. I have been reading more and more Christmas recipes, we have made our Christmas pudding and I have even started to plan Christmas activities for the children during the week that runs up to Christmas.

This week has seen Christmas puddings, saving money doing our shopping, Christmas dinner, beautiful sunrises and a lot of chocolate! Here is our week in pictures...

Sunday 22nd November 2015

Sunday was stir up Sunday and as tradition states we made our Christmas pudding. I was lucky to receive a sixpence from the Royal Mint for our pudding this year. I am hoping that this sixpence will be the start of a great family tradition and one that we will continue for years to come. Then passed down through generations.

Monday 23rd November 2015

On Monday I took a trip to Aldi to stock up on Christmas foods. Over the next few weeks I am working with Aldi on some posts about saving money on Christmas food.

Tuesday 24th November 2015

On Tuesday we enjoyed an early Christmas dinner. One of the plus sides of being a foodie blogger is that is that it is totally acceptable to enjoy a Christmas dinner before Christmas! This meal is part of my new Christmas feature with Aldi. Thursdays are now #ThriftyChristmasThursday and this week was all about the meat, fish and vegetarian options for the big day!

Wednesday 25th November 2015

On Wednesday we woke up to this beautiful sunrise! Everything else that happened during this regular day was over shadowed by this wonderful sight.

Thursday 26th November 2015

On Thursday I did something that I haven't done in a long time. I baked bread. This is something that I used to do all of the time before my depression struck. I really did enjoy making it and I am hoping that I will continue to make it. This was my first successful gluten free soda bread!

Friday 27th November 2015

Friday was a busy day, but I did have time to make this delicious Proper Pickle Extra Special Sandwich before packing and travelling down to Redditch. We spent the night in a hotel and when we arrived we realised that it was the twins first time staying in a hotel. They loved it and we have said that w need to do it more. Spending time away, as a family, spending quality time together.

Saturday 28th November 2015

Saturday was the day that the children have been excited about all week. On Saturday we visited Cadbury World with Carnival Cruise and the other FunSeeking families. It was great having the day out, but unfortunately my back is bad again so we did not stay for the full day but we thoroughly enjoyed the time that we did have. When I was putting the twins to bed Isabella said to me that she loved our "family day" which was lovely. We really do need to have days out together.

Hope you have had a good week!

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  1. Oh so many yummy goodies in these pictures. Adore the stunning sunset and what a cutie and his hot chocolate xx

  2. That pickle sandwich! YUM!! Too much nice food :) Yay for Xmas dinners way before Xmas!! Just perfect xx

  3. the bread looks lovely and light, the sunset is stunning

  4. Lots of foodie pics this week! I've not tried Aldi for food but I've heard some great things about it. Sounds like it's going to help you out at Christmas :)

  5. Kirsty now i am hungry after seeing all of your foodie photos!!!! I love the first pic of the twins mixing the fruit :) cute. sounds like a very productive week x

  6. Ooh well done you, you've done your Christmas pudding!! So organised. You're working with Aldi and I'm working with Lidl - how funny is that? I do love both stores I must admit. Thank you so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xx

  7. That bread looks tasty! Love the sunrise, how beautiful, such a pretty colour. Glad you had a fun time away and that the kids enjoyed it. Hope your back is a bit better x

  8. What a shame about your back. Sounds like a nice weekend regardless. Biggest problem my daughter finds with hotel stays is most family rooms only take 2 children.
    Yum yum at the early Christmas dinner, have heard a lot of good things about Aldi's meat.

  9. I would love love love to go to Cadbury world! I may end up having to live there though haha! I haven't made bread in almost a year now, I really should start but the 2 hours waiting around is a nightmare- I always forget about it and end up ruining the loaf! Thanks for sharing your happy. #HappyDaysLinky x


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