Monday, 12 October 2015

Weekly Meal Plan - Week Commencing 12th October 2015

I cannot believe how quickly meal planning Monday is coming round. We are already nearly half way through the month and I have already placed my Christmas meat order!

This week is National Curry Week and National Chocolate week so we all have a great excuse to indulge a little! This week I will be posting a few different curry recipes and reviews along with a delicious chocolate cookery book review and recipe.

Last week I shared some great, healthy, Slimming World friendly recipes along with a natural drink to fight the dreaded cold bugs. This is what I shared...

Back to meal planning. This week we are going to be having curries, warming autumnal meals and healthy lunches.

This is what we will be enjoying this week...
Week Commencing 12th October 2015


Lunch - Mugshot noodles for me and sandwiches for the twins
Dinner - Hidden veg tuna pasta bake


Lunch - Leftover pasta
Dinner - Beef steak stew


Lunch - Curried butternut squash salad
Dinner - Tandoori lamb with rice


Dinner - Pasta Bolognese


Lunch - Leftover pasta
Dinner - Fish Friday - Homemade fish and Actifry chips

I will plan for the weekend a bit nearer the time.

Hope you have a great week x


  1. That soup looks really nice, I love tomato soup but never have it as my smallest has an allergy. We are having a curry this week too, it would be rude not too when it is curry week! X

  2. Your the second meal planner that I've seen that has ordered their meat for Chrsitmas...Eek! I really need to start thinking about it too.
    Great meal plan.

  3. That all sounds lovely. I am terrible at meal planning made worse by currently having freezer panic ie too little space in the freezer for meat that has to go in very soon so I am manically eating all of the produce from last year ... and some of it has no labels! So any list I made would look like something like - "unknown meat curry", "I have no idea what veg will end up in this ragout" and "anybody's guess fruit pudding"!

  4. Tomato butternut squash soups sounds lovely. As does tandoori lamb - I might nick that for my plan. Have a good week!


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