Thursday, 1 October 2015

SlimmerSeeker - Weigh In 2

This week has been a good week. I have felt in control of my eating and feel that I am starting to enjoy the Slimming World plan.

I will admit to feeling quite nervous when I stood on the scales this morning. I knew that I had followed the plan and that I had not been going over my syn allowance, but I still felt nervous.

Nervous because this week I have always been full and I have eaten a lot of food! Well it feels like a lot of food but that is probably because I am used to snacking and picking so never really feeling full. But following the Slimming World eating plan the majority of my meals have been syn free. Consisting of meat, fish, vegetables, pasta or rice. As they have been syn free I really have filled  my plate so that I feel full. This has stopped my urge to eat between meals and eating the wrong foods! I will be  sharing some of my low syn and syn free recipes. So far this week I have featured these two delicious syn free and low syn recipes...

I have cut down my alcohol consumption too this week. Instead of having a glass of wine in the evening I have been having a diet coke. Which I have really started to enjoy!

I usually meal plan at the beginning of the week and have even started to plan our lunches. Lunch time has been my down fall in the past. This is the time of day that I am more likely to eat bread and crisps which usually lead me to biscuits or chocolate! Planning what we will have has definitely helped. 

I really do feel like I have found the motivation that I needed and am enjoying the changes which are coming naturally.

Long may they last!!!

So here are this weeks results...
  • Starting weight - 12st 13lb
  • Today's weight - 12st 8lbs
  • Total lost - 5lbs

I am sharing my weight loss journey with Madhouse Family Reviews - Sunday Weigh In, Weight Loss Wednesday, Weigh Lose or Stay and Slimming World Sunday.

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  1. 5lbs well done you, you must be thrilled? :) looks like some great food too #weighloseorstay

  2. Awesome loss and so good that you're feeling full too.

  3. Wow, that's fabulous :) I definitely need to follow some of your Syn free and low syn recipes, even if I'm not doing SW !

  4. Great progress, I hope you're proud of yourself xx

  5. 5lb is an amazing first weigh in :) #Weighlossorstay

  6. Yay! Well done on the loss! I know it's quite surprising how much you can eat and yet still lose weight! (Sorry my comment is so late!)

  7. Amazing weigh in - well done chick! Slimming World is definitely working for you! The carrot and lentil soup looks delicious! I really do need to get into meal planning, will certainly make things a lot easier! Thank you for joining in with #WeighLossWednesday - hope you can join in this week! Sim x


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