Thursday, 22 October 2015

Healthy Fruity Halloween Treats with Aldi

When Halloween comes around it is fun the have lots of goodies. But the goodies do not always have to be full of sugar and nasties!

So when Aldi challenged me to create six healthy treats I was definitely up for the challenge!

Here are my six spooktacular treats!!!
Healthy Fruity Halloween Treats


Pomegranate seeds
Green grapes
Passion fruit
Mini marshmallows
Smooth peanut butter


Good paring knife
Cake pop sticks

How to create your spooky treats:

Spooky Apples

Take your apple and using the paring knife cut 2 small squares for the eyes and a rectangle for the mouth. Take the mini marshmallows and put one in each eye and 3 in the mouth.

Blood Dip and Witches Eyes

To make the blood dip blend together some strawberries and raspberries together into juice and pour into glasses. Scoop out the passion fruit seeds and place on top of the juice and there you have your witches eyes!

Banana Ghosts

Last Halloween I created Banana Ghosts using chocolate drops. This year I wanted to make them with just fruit. So I replaced the chocolate drops for pomegranate seeds. To make these fruity bananas cut the bananas in half and put them on a cake pop stick. Using the peanut butter stick on the pomegranate seeds to make eyes and a mouth. Place the banana ghosts in a glass of blood dip so that you can enjoy them dipped in blood!

Banana Fingers

To make the fingers cut the bananas in half and then quarter. Place a little peanut butter on the tip of the banana and place a pomegranate seed on to create the nail. Put some peanut butter in a ramekin and sick the fingers in.

Dragon Eyes

For the devilish dragon eyes cut the grapes in half, length ways. Half the blueberries and place them on top of the grape halves.

Terrifying Tomatoes

Cut the base off the tomato so that it will stand and cut 2 triangles for the eyes, cut a rectangle for the mouth. Take a slice of cucumber and cut 2 triangles to sit in the eye slots and cut some fangs for the mouth.

This Halloween I hope you will have a go at making some healthier treats for your children and have fun with the food! If there is any fruit left over after all of the fun simply blend them all together with any leftover peanut butter and a drop of milk to create a deliciously healthy smoothie!

You can also see some more healthy Halloween treats that I have made here.

Disclosure: I was sent some Aldi vouchers for the purpose of this post. All words, views and opinions are my own.
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  1. What a great idea to make healthy treats for Halloween, they look fab & fun to make too. Thanks for sharing Kirsty x

  2. The blood dip and witches eyes actually looks quite scary! I don't think I could try it lol!

    Gemma xx

  3. Love the banana ghosts - I think we would all enjoy making (and eating) those!

  4. Love these! So scary but not sweets!! The banana's look superb - Harry and Lottie would love these xx

  5. Aldi is fab and the healthy treats are amazing. Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

  6. These look such a good idea, I'm looking to make half term about Halloween so may include this next week. Thank you. X

  7. These look such a good idea, I'm looking to make half term about Halloween so may include this next week. Thank you. X

  8. That Blood Dip and Witches Eyes and Dragons Eyes gave me goosebumps! So spooky! Great job! :)

  9. Hahaha! These are brilliant!! That blood dip and witches eyes looks absolutely gross!!
    Perfectly unique link up to #CookBlogShare :-D
    You're fantastic Kirsty x

  10. Great idea and certainly healthy. Thanks for linking up to #Halloweenlinky Week 3 is live now.

  11. Fab ideas I love finding healthier treats to give Sienna! xx

  12. Brilliant! These look great. I especially like the spooky apples. Probably because they involve marshmallows ;)

  13. Thanks for sharing such yummy treats, will be trying some of them on the kids this weekend

  14. These look fab, we did a very similar thing expect we made rice cake spiders. We also did the banana ghosts but we used raisins to create the face.

  15. Great ideas! I love the banana fingers and eyes! Hope you had a great Halloween. Kaz x


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