Friday, 18 September 2015

An Exciting Year with Carnival Cruise

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of venturing down to London to meet up with the Carnival Cruise team and the other bloggers who are their 2015/16 FunSeeking Families.

Since receiving the news that we had been selected as Carnival Cruise FoodieSeeking family at the beginning of the month it has all seemed quite surreal. But this trip and meeting has made it all so real!

My meeting was not scheduled until Thursday morning but I did meet everybody on Wednesday evening while having a delicious meal at Tutton's in Covent Garden. Glasses of prosecco certainly did help me to relax. I will admit to feeling quite nervous in the car on my way to the restaurant. But as soon as I got talking, I was fine!

It was great to finally be able to put faces to the people that we have been having contact with via emails and telephone calls. As the other bloggers at the meal had already had their meeting I did hear the odd bit of information. But I really am pleased that my meeting was after the meal. Having the meal before hand really did break the ice and I was a lot more relaxed in the meeting.

I can tell you that over the next year there are going to be lots of exciting posts coming up. As we are the FoodieSeeking Family I will be showing you exactly what Carnival Cruises have to offer in the way of food. I have heard how amazing the food is and having seen the list of venues that are on board I can guarantee that not one of us will go hungry. There are eateries that will suit every taste and I cannot wait to give you a showcase of all of their cuisines!

However before it is time to venture on board I am determined to get "Carnival Ready" and am going to use the cruise as my slimming motivation. I am going to loose weight and I am going to feel confident with my body. But I also want to show you that not all cruise foods equals over indulgence! I hope to show you that you can still eat healthily while at sea and not leave the ship with too many extra pounds!

From Thursday 24th September 2015 I am going to document my journey as I start to think more about my body and how I feel with how I look. At the moment I love to hide under clothes but on a cruise I really do not want to be hiding, I want to feel confident, I want to feel happy in a swim suit. So I am not only going to be a FoodieSeeker but I am also going to be a SlimmerSeeker! In the past I have lacked something to focus on, but now I certainly do have a goal to focus on! Plus documenting here on my blog will also keep me going!

As you know the Carnival FunSeeking families are all focusing on different cruise aspects so if you have any questions or are curious about anything I am sure that between us it will be covered. Keep an eye out and follow the other FunSeeking Families to keep up to date with all of our news.

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  1. Yeah, you should've been nervous in the taxi on the way to the restaurant - #taxistealer!!! haha Lovely to meet you Kirsty and can't wait to go on this adventure with you! x #CarnivalFamilies


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