Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Leftover Roast Beef Pie

This pie is a delicious way to use up any leftover beef from a roast dinner. I always find that when roast beef is recooked in a different dish the flavours develop even more and make the meat even tastier!

This dish is not only great for leftovers but is also an easy meal to make. Even if you do not have a lot of beef left to use you can bulk it out with extra vegetables. I have made my own pastry but you can always use pre made which can be a lot easier if you are preparing this meal on a busy day!

This is what I did...

Leftover Roast Beef Pie


400 - 500g left over roast beef
2 leeks, sliced
1 onion, sliced
200g mushrooms, chopped
200g peas
2 tsp Worcester sauce
300mls beef gravy
2tsp oil
325g shortcrust pastry
1 egg


Pre heat the oven to 180C

1 - Heat the oil in a deep pan and gently fry the leeks and onions until soft

2 - Add the mushrooms and fry for a further 5 minutes

3 - Add the roast beef, peas, Worcester sauce and the beef gravy, bring to the boil then simmer for 5 minutes

4 - Place the meat mixture in a pie dish and top with the rolled out pastry, cutting 2 slits to allow the steam to escape. Beat the egg and brush over the top of the pastry.

5 - Place in the pre heated oven and bake for 15 - 20 minutes or until the pastry has a golden top

This pie is an easy and delicious way to use up any leftovers. I can also be adapted and cooked using fresh meat. This pie is perfect served with mashed potatoes and vegetables.

Enjoy x

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  1. I love pies to use leftovers up - I think they taste even better than the original roast. Thank you for linking up to #cookblogshare

  2. Hubby is a pro at making pies with leftovers. I'll have to show him your recipe! xx

  3. Yum - this will make a lovely autumn dinner. #CookBlogShare


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