Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Scones with Fresh Fruit - #CookBlogShare

After being asked again and again by my hubby to bake some scones I have finally got to bake some. Recently baking has not been on the top of my list and I feel that it has been the one thing that I have missed doing. Now with the start of Great British Bake Off in a couple of days and the start of the bake along, Great Bloggers Bake Off, starting again has come at a good time.

I had not realised how much I have missed baking. It wasn't until I got my hands in the flour and started I realised. I have long been trying to prefect my scones. My late Nanna was the queen of scones and I have been trying to do her proud! I have got to admit that I am really pleased with these scones, hence why I am sharing them today. But what has made these scones even tastier is the topping! When it came to serving I could not believe that we had run out of jam. Thankfully the hubby came up with the great idea of going into the garden to pick some fresh fruit to replace the jam!

This is what I did...

Scones with Fresh Fruit


250g self raising flour
50g butter, cubed
55g caster sugar
100mls milk
100g dried mixed fruit
2 eggs
1tbsp honey


Pre heat the oven to 180C

1 - Place the flour in a large mixing bowl and add the cubed butter

2 - Start to rub the butter in with the flour and 50g sugar until you have a breadcrumb consistency

3 - Add the dried fruit to the mixture

4 - Beat 1 egg with the milk and pour into the mixing bowl

5 - Mix in the egg and milk until the ingredients are starting to come together and then start to bring it together with your hands (this is my favourite part!

6 - When you have a dough like mixture remove it from the bowl and place on a floured surface

7 - Roll out to about 3cms in depth and start to cut out the scone discs, you should get about 8 scones

8 - Place the scones on a lined baking tray

9 - Beat the remaining egg and mix in the honey to glaze

10 - Using a pastry brush generously brush over the egg and honey wash

11 - With the remaining 5g of caster sugar sprinkle over the top of the glaze and place the scones in the centre of the pre heated oven and bake for 15 minutes

12 - Once baked remove from the oven and place directly onto a cooling rack to cool

To serve simply cut in half, spread over a generous amount of clotted cream and top with the fresh fruit of your choice. As you can see we had raspberries and gooseberries as they were what we had that was ready in the garden but you could also use strawberries, blackberries or any fruit that takes your fancy!

These really have given a twist to the traditional jam topping!

Enjoy x

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  1. I love a good scone, though I've never tried them with fresh fruit, it sounds delicious!

  2. Your so right Kirsty, there is something so therapeutic about baking. And your scones look delicious, so lovely to be served with fresh fruit. Yum x
    Angela x

  3. I was just about to comment and realised that Hannah had already used almost my exact words! Oh well...

    I love scones, although I prefer plain rather than fruit. I've not tried them topped with fresh fruit before but it looks delicious so I'll have to give it a go.

  4. These scones look perfect! We just got back from a week in Cornwall where we had a great cream tea one afternoon, although my silly kids didn't want to try clotted cream. I've never tried putting fresh fruit with scones before and I love the idea of gooseberries. Definitely one to try. #cookblogshare

  5. Quick thinking hubby there! :) I love a good scone and yours look lovely!
    I'm in total agreement about baking, to be honest and I know it sounds melodramatic, but its saved me with everything that has happened this year. Nothing calms me, peaks my imagination and distracts me as much as baking...admittedly I'm loosing no weight even though I've been massively upping the exercise, but you can't have it all! :)

  6. Ahh, scones...love them...and these look great :) Thanks for hosting Kirsty!

  7. Thanks for hosting and have a great week!

  8. I must have tried a hundred scone recipes over the years and still not found the 'one'! I've never put honey in so perhaps I should try your one next!

  9. I love scones, these look delicious, I've never used fresh fruit, normally stick to the traditional jam and clotted cream, will have to bake some and try them with fruit

  10. First off, this is my first time visiting your blog so a big hello! I'm Sarah. :) I recently joined the cookblogshare Facebook group ( I stumbled across it). Love the linky and look forward to reading and connecting with more food bloggers!

    Freshly baked scones are so much nicer than shop bought ones. Your recipe sounds lovely! No wonder your husband kept asking you to make more. :D

  11. i love scones Kirsty and don't make them enough! yum
    thanks for hosting x

  12. How did I not know that you did this linky? Thanks for telling me about it x

  13. My wife makes really nice scones, but uses a recipe without eggs! Very handy if you want to use up some milk/flour etc. I'll try and find her secret recipe book out....

  14. Oh Mama these are amazing! Love scones! Thanks for linking up x

  15. These scones look fab! I love to have one with my tea or coffee, especially with jam or cream. Thanks for the recipe I would love to use it and make myself a batch at home.


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