Saturday, 1 August 2015

26th July - 1st August 2015 - One Picture Everyday For One Year

Wow I cannot believe that another month has been and gone!

This week has seen some sleepless nights followed by lazy mornings, walks with the dogs and puddle jumping and lots of playing with jigsaws!

Here is our week in pictures...

Sunday 26th July 2015

The latest thing with the twins is to take either toys or books with them when we go out. Or on this occasion both!

Monday 27th July 2015

On Monday we were dressed for autumn with jumpers and rain coats on we took the dogs for a walk. Thanks to all of the rain that we had there were some huge puddles which resulted in two very excited and wet little ones! 

Tuesday 28th July 2015

On Tuesday the hubby was due to go to his mums for his lunch so we all went over to join them. This is something we used to do before the twins started nursery so it was lovely to be able to so again. Recently the twins have become puzzle mad. Taylor has always enjoyed doing them and has a natural way with them, he can do them so quickly! But at the moment there is always jigsaws out on the floor.

Wednesday 29th July 2015

After the morning out I returned to the mad house. Here I was trying to have a peaceful cup of tea while the twins wrestled on the floor!

Thursday 30th July 2015

After yet another sleepless night stressing about the building work that we want to get done I really needed a lazy morning. I have found my ipad to be invaluable as I can put anything they want to watch on it and snooze while they sit in bed with me.

Friday 31st July 2015

Who needs a zoo when you have a pet shop? We needed some more dog food on Friday so in the afternoon we went to the pet shop which the children always love! They stood for so long saying hello to the parrots then bursting into fits of laughter as it said hello back to them. Afterwards I bravely decided to pop into M and S food for some cheese. Did I manage to leave with just cheese? No the kids put all sorts into the basket and I ended up getting wine and beer for the hubby! Oh why do I go to shops that do not have double trolleys when I am on my own?!?!

Saturday 1st August 2015

On Saturday after doing spot of shopping we all went to Costa for lunch. The afternoon was spent pottering about doing the odd job and just being with the kiddies.

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  1. every week has to include a trip to a coffee shop, hubby and i go out at least once a week for coffee just for the sake of it.

  2. I love the Duck! Hope you get more sleep this week.

  3. We've been thinking about getting an iPad or some other tablet (something cheaper than an iPad, hopefully) because Gwenn will watch most anything on YouTube and it's such a great way of buying 10 minutes if I need to go in the shower or put washing out, etc. x


  4. sometimes it is nice to have a ong lie, and if technology allows that then no harm done.
    Puddles make great playthings when out with toddlers.
    The wrestling looks like they had a lot of riotous fun.

  5. I hear you on the autumnal dressing, it felt like summer just disappeared. Hope you manage to get some rest soon X #TWTWC

  6. The weather really has been so up and down, hasn't it!? My two are puzzle mad too, they literally do them every day. Great family shot at Costa! Thank you so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xx

  7. Love the last photo in Costa :) Love the wrestling photo! Sorry the weather has been a bit rubbish, but jumping puddles is always good x

  8. Looks like a great week. I try and chill out when chaos reigns around me too #TWTWC

  9. Sometimes you just need to chill when the kids are going mad! Shut it all out!!

  10. Looks like a lovely week huni. Love your cuppa while they wrestle xx

  11. This weather is pretty crazy huh? I have been dressed for Autumn most days too!

    I love Autumn but I'm not ready for it quite yet!!


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  12. I hope you have had better sleep this week! Love Sarah and Duck- I want that duck! Thank you for joining in with #HappyDaysLinky x

  13. We have Duck too! Hope you get some better sleep :)

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xxx


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