Monday, 20 July 2015

Must Have's For a Summer Holiday

At last the time of year that we all love is upon us!

The summer holidays are about to start. The children are about to break up for the 6 weeks holiday and everybody seems to be planning what they are going to do, where they are going to go and who they are going to see.

When I was asked what would be the one thing that I could not go without on a summer holiday I really got thinking about exactly what was important.

These are the things that are important to me...

Good Food!

Good food and drink is a must have! There is nothing worse than going away and having a week of bad food. Food is an important part of a holiday as while away we tend to indulge more in our food and drink. We like to go to restaurants that serve food that is different to what we would usually have. Holidays are also a good time to try new food and be a little bit more adventurous!


Even though we live out in the country we like to go somewhere which is going to be nice and peaceful for our break. Neither of us are huge fans of highly commercial holidays that are all singing and all dancing. We like to go away and be able to relax and take in the beautiful sights. We like to be some where that the children can go outside and play. It is important that they can discover more about nature and the world around them. We like nothing more that going out for a walk, taking a picnic and seeing the children enjoy the added freedom that the countryside gives them.

Sight Seeing!

I know that this is a bit of a contradiction to what I have just said about peace and quiet but when on holiday it is also great to be able to do some sight seeing. Whether that is visiting a city or visiting a country estate or going for a walk to see some historical ruins. Learning about the history of the country is just as important as seeing the modern side.

Good Weather!

Having beautiful blue skies and sunny days really do make a summer holiday! However we always make sure that even if it is raining we still have a good time, but the sun definitely helps!

All of these things are important to me for a summer holiday.

However I could live without them all. The one thing that I could not live without on a summer holiday is........

My Family!

As long as I am with my family any summer holiday would be good as I would have the people that are important to me with me. It is the people that make the summer holiday. It is the memories that you create together which makes the summer holiday special.

Recently a survey was conducted to see what the top 10 replies to that same question were. These are the results...

  • 11.7% said the sun
  • 10.8% said sun lotion
  • 6.4% said a good book
  • 5.5% said their mobile phone
  • 4.3% said good food
  • 4% said money
  • 3.4% said sunglasses
  • 3.1% said water
  • 3% said alcohol
  • 2.1% said their partner
I will admit to being surprised that partner was at the bottom of the list!

What would be the one thing that you could not live without on your summer holiday?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post


  1. I love the sound of tranquillity, right now the arguing and cries of, 'it's not fair' have started!

  2. Yes I agree - Good food for sure! Plus making memories and taking lots of photographs too :) Jess x


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