Monday, 25 May 2015

My Top Tips and Recipe Ideas For Your Weekly Meal Plan

This week it is half term and we are having a much needed break.

That means no meal planning for me this week!

However I thought that I would share with you my top tips for meal planning and why I meal plan. If you are wanting to meal plan but are unsure how to get started this post should help you.

I am also sharing a selection of my favourite recipes from this year. I am sharing these to hopefully inspire you for some delicious meals.

Why do I meal plan?

I started meal planning as a way to budget better on our food shopping. I was also fed up of it getting to tea time and really not knowing what to cook for everyone.

What are the benefits of meal planning?

I find that when I work to a weekly meal plan I am not as stressed at meal time. I know what I am cooking and everyone knows what they are getting. I have found that meal planning not only saves us money as I use what needs using and buy what I need but also reduces our food waste. I hate wasting food as it feels like I am literally throwing money in the bin.

What are my top tips?

My top tips for meal planning are:
  • Plan on the same day each week and work it into your weekly routine.
  • Before you plan take a look in your fridge and freezer to check what you have, what needs using and what you may need to buy.
  • Before planning a meal to a specific day look at the dish and make sure you are going to have time to prepare and cook on that day.
  • Love your leftovers and include them into your meal plan
  • Accept that it may not always go according to plan, there will be weeks when it feels like you plan has gone completely out of the window, but hey, that is life. It is weeks like this that make you realise how much meal planning does help! Get on and plan for the following week.
  • Have a designated book or board for your meal plan. I use both my blog and a fantastic meal planning pad that I got from The Green Gables.

After you have been meal planning for a while it will become a part of your routine and believe it or not if you do not meal plan you will miss it!

If you want to meal plan and have any questions or advice please do ask, I would love to offer any help.

Now on to some meal ideas. 

Enjoy x

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  1. I love meal planning.....I didn't a few weeks ago and I hated it.
    I do my planning when I'm doing my online grocery shop every Friday....
    I think I'm just going to take all your meal suggestions and use them for my meal plan next week....hehehe They look so good x


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