Thursday, 7 May 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow? Week 18

This last week we have seen all sorts of weather. It has be gloriously sunny and hot one day then cold and wet the next. We have even had a couple of frosty mornings!

The garden certainly did need the rain and I love the seeing the plants glistening with water droplets. Plus it gave me the perfect excuse to grab my camera and capture their beauty.

Our garden is full of colour from the various wallflowers that the hubby planted last year. We are amazed by the size of some of them, they are doing so well. The Allium Purple Sensations are in bud and as these are a favourite I cannot wait to see them open up! Last year we bought a couple of reduced Clematis to grow up the front of the house. This year one is still small but the other one is covered in buds and is starting to open. Many of the plants in our garden are ones that we bought from the reduced section and we have shown that with a little TLC these plants can thrive.

This is how our garden has grown this week...


As always I am sharing with the lovely Annie from Mammasaurus

How Does Your Garden Grow? Mammasaurus


  1. Beautiful. We have many of the same flowers coming up, too. I like to roam the reduced sections, as the plants can often be rescued and it's lovely to see them bloom again.

  2. I like rescuing plants from the reduced section too. They all look really pretty, great pictures with the water droplets on them especially the violas.

  3. I think it's only us gardening folk who are pleased about the rain at the moment :) Lovely Clematis flowers - our buds started to open yesterday and there are SO many. Can't wait to see them all in full flower. Reduced plants are the best and most of the time they just need a drink...

  4. Gorgeous photos. Having missed my chance for the last 3 years I've finally planted alliums for the first time this year - like yours they're in bud now, I can't wait for them to bloom.

    I'm a complete sucker for the bargain plant section and have had some wonderful plants for very little money as a result. I don't know why more people don't buy plants this way - glad they don't though!

  5. Stunning photos. One of my favourite plants, was bought in the reduced section for 50p and it has grown huge and beautiful and withstood 2 house moves. It's great to snag a bargain!

  6. Love how you've captured all the flowers just relishing and glowing with raindrops. Beautiful

  7. This really puts my garden to shame, I need to get it sorted to we can enjoy it this summer.
    The photos are fab!!

  8. i absolutely love pictures sprinkled by raindrops. these are gorgeous. and i am always happy when our garden gets rain


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