Thursday, 14 May 2015

Fun Sandwiches For Children - Bread and Sandwich Week

As it is Bread and Sandwich week I thought that I would share some fun ways to to make sandwiches for the children.

Most children love sandwiches but come on, they can get boring sometimes. The best way to catch children's attention is not just with a tasty sandwich but to make it fun.

There are many ways which you can make sandwiches more fun for children. You can:
  • Cut the bread with cookie cutters
  • Using different coloured foods decorate the tops
  • Using stencils spread over Nutella, Marmite or soft cheese to create a picture
  • Use googly eye to bring the creations to life
  • Let the children help to make their sandwiches! Sandwiches are a great, easy and safe way to introduce children to the kitchen and food preparation!
Below you can see three of our examples. We have made a sweet bear using Nutella and googly eyes, a savoury bear using soft cheese, ham, tomato and cucumber and finally a dinosaur ham sandwich. They are so simple to make and the kiddies will love them!

Make sandwiches fun this Bread and Sandwich Week!

Disclosure: sent me the items pictured to create fun sandwiches for the purpose of this post. No payment was received.

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