Thursday, 14 May 2015

Eat Your Veg Campaign

When I received an email asking me if I would share Eat Your Veg I was amazed to read some of the statistics that they were sharing.

Healthy eating, particularly in the children, is a subject which I feel passionate about. That is why I decided that I would share Eat Your Veg with you. I am in no way being compensated for this post, I just honestly believe that after reading the statistics that I am going to share with you, you will re-evaluate how your children eat.

Eat Your Veg is a charitably funded project which is aimed to encourage UK families to add more vegetables to their daily diet.

Recently CBBC reported that more than half of children do not eat a single portion of vegetables a day.This worrying statistic shows why we need to think more about what our children eat and get more veg into their diets.
Eat Your Veg is there to do just that.

Eat Your Veg is an online supportive site where regular parents like you and I share their tips and tricks for getting more goodness into the kids!

During Eat Your Veg's research they have found that...
  • That a quarter of parents who have children at home say they are confident that their child always has the recommended 5 a day where in reality only 9% of 7 years old children and 18% of 11 years old children actually are!
  • 21% of the population say that they eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables and only 12% with children living at home.
  • 28% of people with children at home would like to eat more vegetables but have said that life simply gets in the way.
In this day and age I was amazed by these statistics.

Vegetables can be bought at great prices, sometimes you need to shop around or go to the local market. But fresh vegetables are easily affordable,

There are many ways in which you can encourage your children to eat more vegetables. Here are some ideas...
  • Disguise the vegetables, place the vegetables in a food processor and blitz until they are finely cut and add to tomato based pasta sauces
  • Make vegetables fun, use vegetables to make a funny face on a pizza or give them funny names
  • Grow the vegetables yourself and involve the children, let them see the growing and nurturing period.
Here are 5 of our Family Favourite recipes which contain vegetables and all of the family enjoy...

Sweet Mama Squash and Tomato Soup

Easy Paella

Bean and Vegetable Stew

Each week I share a Family Favourites recipe so keep an eye out for more delicious family friendly meals which are tasty but also full of goodness!

How do you ensure your children eat vegetables?

Do you have any great tips to share? If so take a look at Eat Your Veg!

Disclosure: I have received no compensation for this post. I am sharing as it is a campaign which I feel passionate about. Visit Eat Your Veg for more information.

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  1. those statistics are shocking - it sounds like an important campaign - we do really well at dinner but I still need to put more effort into other meals - though carrot sticks are a great snack that we have sometimes - and we love vegie sticks and hummus for lunch with some crackers. My little girl loves a plate of veg and if she doesn't get it for a day or so she will ask for it but she doesn't like her food mixed so it is hard to hide vegies for her.


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