Friday, 8 May 2015

Coffee and Walnut Cupcakes - UK Coffee Week

I love coffee and when I saw that it was UK Coffee Week this week I knew I had to incorporate it into a bake.

UK Coffee Week is a fund raising initiative where coffee shops, companies and drinkers join together to celebrate the British coffee culture. All the money that is raised during UK Coffee Week will go to Project Waterfall which is a project which will bring clean, fresh water to the coffee growing communities.

Whenever I think of coffee cake, I think of walnuts. This is not a cake that I make very often and I do not know why. It is such a lovely, deliciously rich cake that any coffee lover will love. This time I have decided to make Coffee and Walnut Cupcakes instead of my usual large cake.

This is what I did...

Coffee and Walnut Cupcakes - makes 12


100g butter
100g light brown muscovado sugar
2 eggs
125g flour
30mls espresso
50g walnut pieces plus extra for decorating

For the Butter Icing

75g butter, softened
175g icing sugar
1tspn espresso powder
1tbsp boiling water


Pre heat the oven to 180C

1 - Mix together the butter and muscovado sugar together until light and creamy

2 - Add the eggs one at a time with a little flour to prevent curdling

3 - Mix in the remaining flour

4 - Pour in the espresso coffee and mix thoroughly

5 - Finally stir in the walnut pieces

6 - Divide the mixture evenly into 12 bun cases and place in the centre of the pre heated oven and bake for 15 minutes or until thoroughly baked

7 - Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely

8 - To make the butter icing mix the icing sugar into the butter

9 - Place the espresso powder into the tablespoon of boiling water and allow to cool before adding to the butter icing

10 - Place in an icing bag and pipe onto the cakes and finish them off with walnut pieces

These little cakes have such a smooth coffee flavour that is complimented perfectly by the pieces of walnut. The rich coffee butter cream makes them a true sweet treat.

Enjoy x

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  1. Those look amazing. I'm not a big fan of coffee, but these make me want to x


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