Sunday, 3 May 2015

27th April - 3rd May 2015 - One Picture Everyday For One Year

What a busy week!

The twins are still loving nursery and I am getting into a good routine in the mornings and am enjoying having some time to do what I need to get done.

This week has seen sunny play outside, silly selfies, food, sunny walks to school, a night out and blogging friends.

Here is our week in pictures...

Monday 27th April 2015

Monday was a glorious afternoon and once the twins were on the trampoline I could not get them off. This gave me the chance to enjoy being outside.

Tuesday 28th April 2015

On Tuesday I found Isabella playing with my phone and this was the result. Taking selfies at three years old!  We also discovered that one of our chickens had "fallen asleep" which was something we were no expecting as she had been well. There were tears from Joseph and the other chicken seemed a bit lost being in her own.

Wednesday 29th April 2015

Wednesdays pictures were all about food! This is my Mushroom, Black Pepper and Spring Onion Pasta which will be on my blog next week.

Thursday 30th April 2015

I love walking to school with the children in the mornings. But I love it even more when all three of them walk together. The majority of the time Joseph runs off to be with his friends and it is the twins and I walking together. On Thursday morning he walked with them and was even holding hands. It was lovely to see. We had a very lonely chicken on Thursday so we decided that we needed to get a couple of new birds. So after school we all went for a ride and picked two new additions. We now have three chickens so when the new ones start laying there will be plenty of eggs to go round!

1st May 2015

Friday was time for me to head over the Manchester for the Blog On MOSI conference. As it was an early start on the Saturday I decided it would be easier to go on the Friday and stay over. After going to the wrong platform and watching my train leave without me my journey was delayed by an hour but I got there in the end. There was also an evening event planned at the Hard Rock Cafe which was fantastic! There were cocktails, food, good music and great company! It was lovely finally meeting people, that I feel that I already knew, in person.

Saturday 2nd May 2015

Saturday was all about Blog On MOSI. This was a fantastic event that was informative but so relaxed. It was great being with so many lovely bloggers and brands. It was great having a day for me but it was great coming home to my hubby and children.

Sunday 3rd May 2015

When the twins got up this morning they were excited to see some of the goodies that I had brought home from my night away. They love their new colouring pencils! They were both very happy to wake up to me being back home. As for the rest of today, we are going to have a relaxing family day.

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  1. Oh dear! I'm sorry about your chicken, but I'm glad the rest of your week was okay. The photo of the three kids walking together is lovely.

  2. What lovely photos! Little one's selfies are just the best....So cute x

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed your blog event you sure look like you're having fun! I had a few sunny walks with the children too before the rain came! Twtwc x

  4. Aww sorry to hear about your chicken :( I hope they all settle nicely together!!

  5. Oh dear poor chicken, you do get attached dont you.
    Love all the children walking together, so sweet. Laughed at Isabella's selfie, great what they learn young.
    Glad you enjoyed your blogging time away, and oooopppss at missing the train

  6. Oh I'm sorry to hear about your chicken. The kids are going to know more about tech than we will as they grow up!

  7. If it wasn't for your poor chicken I would say that you'd had a fab week! Love that last photo of the pencils x

  8. Looks like you have had a great week! I am really sorry I didn't make Blog On this year, it sounds like you had a great time!

  9. Another fab week of captured moments! That pasta dish, looks delicious and right up my street. So gutted I didn't make it up to Manchester for BogOn Mosi. Wasn't it a beautiful week last week? Thanks for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xxxx

  10. i hope the new chickens have settled in well

  11. Wow! Sounds like a fab week (minus the "falling asleep") :) Your poor chicken :( I would have cried too!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xxx


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